Easter Energy Is Here!

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Happy Easter! We’ve been waiting for forty days for this day to come and Easter is finally here with its new energy, its new vibration, and a new opportunity to expand our consciousness. I am so excited because we are changing; we are vibrating at a new level. Our consciousness is […]

Jesus’ Evolution into Christ Consciousness

Beloved Soul in Evolution, On this Palm Sunday, I felt it was important to address Jesus’ evolution into Christ consciousness. You see, Jesus had an evolution just as you and I have an evolution. For Jesus to evolve, he needed the desire to walk into the light. Do you have the desire to walk into […]

Join in Ascending Consciousness

Moving into the Christ Consciousness is a gradual process that aligns you with your Whole Self. As this shift occurs in your consciousness, you begin to see, hear and experience things differently. You move out of the third dimension slowly but surely. Over time, you become fully aware of your God-Self. Easter is here and […]

April 4, 2012 ~ Meditation

Hi Group! Meditation only this week! Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! Please visit the original post to download. Right click here, then click ‘Save File As’ or ‘Save Link As’ to download March 21 Talk to your computer.

Giving All Actions to God

As the new energy from Easter continues to move us forward, we must allow ourselves to blend with our Higher Self.  Our Higher Self that loves, serves and meditates unconditionally, while the ego wants attention for its actions.  As we detach from the results of our actions, we open ourselves to a new consciousness establishing […]