The Higher Vision of Christ Consciousness

When you compare the two states of consciousness–third dimensional and fourth dimensional–as we did last week, you see the vast difference between them.  As a person in the third dimension (human), you look at life through a tiny peephole in a fence and you have a narrow perspective. When you are in the fourth dimension […]

Christ Consciousness Is a Process that Aligns You with Your Whole Self

Moving into the Christ Consciousness is a gradual process that aligns you with your Whole Self. As this shift occurs in your consciousness, you begin to see, hear and experience things differently. You will move out of the third dimension slowly but surely. Over time, you will become fully aware of your God-Self. Easter is […]

Preparing for Cosmic Energy of Easter

As a follow up to this week’s Words from the Hart and previous blog post, 40 days of Lent begins March 9th.  During these next two weeks please align your consciousness with the meditation information sent earlier and focus on making a commitment for the forty day period. We are preparing to move into the […]

Join Me as the Easter Energy Moves Humanity to a New Vibration

Jesus began His great spiritual ministry at the end of His 40 days in meditation and silence. This is our time, as spiritually evolved “Souls” to  begin our transformation into our higher consciousness.  I invite you to join me the next 40 days in preparation for the Easter energy that is coming in to move […]

Thought Directs Energy

  As we prepare for Easter, it is important to align our consciousness with the new flow of energy coming forth.    We are composed of energy, and energy is always in motion.  It is in us and through us and effects all forms.   Every thought directs energy, so keep in mind that our […]