Controlling Your Emotions

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How was your work stilling your mind this week? We are working on developing and strengthening our detached Observer Self. In addition to quieting the mind, you also have to learn to control your emotions—shifting from allowing your emotions to control you, to you being in control of your emotions. This […]

Mastering Emotions in the Moment

As we embrace a challenge that is before us, we must handle the emotions that arise with it. Emotions can push us off our center if we are not aware of them.  Spiritual mastery is learning to be conscious of the emotion rising up and to stay above its pull so that we can choose […]

Unravel the Mysteries of Your Mind

Journaling is an important tool to unravel the mysteries of your subconscious mind. It can get you to the root of a problem quicker than talking about it or trying to figure it out in your head.  It facilitates a flow of consciousness that opens up channels that disclose hidden information.  Action to take: Here […]