Going Deeper – Own Your God Self‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you move into the Presence of the Infinite, you have to own that Presence. How do you do that? You have the responsibility and opportunity to awaken to your Infinite Self in this lifetime. Don’t become complacent with the spiritual understanding you have right now. There is always more to […]

The “Aftermath” of Easter — What Will You Do with that Energy?

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Welcome to the aftermath of Easter! The energy blast came in–what are you going to do with that energy? In this week’s video, I am sharing with you information about energy and how it comes in to support your soul’s evolution. Energy is a spiritual commodity that you can use for […]

We Are Connected to Healing Energy

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Thank you for joining me for these weekly meditations. As we meditate together, we are connected in this healing energy. It is a powerful energy that will change your life at depth. It will help you see yourself and your life in a whole new way. When you still your mind, […]

Meditation for Alignment

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As this new year moves forward, are you experiencing your spiritual momentum building as you nurture your connection within? The energy is here to support you! There is a part of you yearning to experience that Cosmic Energy of the Universe. That Energy is ever-present–your responsibility is to tap into it! […]

Strength for the Journey

Beloved Soul in Evolution, I hope you enjoyed last week’s video–it has such valuable pieces of wisdom and support! I heard from some of you that when you watched it again, you felt like it was the first time, picking up information that you missed the first time I shared it! We hear what we […]