Units of Energy

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Welcome to the aftermath of Easter! The energy blast came in—What are you going to do with that energy? This week, I am sharing with you information about energy and how it comes in to support your soul’s evolution. Energy is a spiritual commodity that we can use for revelations that […]

Jesus’ Evolution into Christ Consciousness

Beloved Soul in Evolution, On this Palm Sunday, I felt it was important to address Jesus’ evolution into Christ consciousness. You see, Jesus had an evolution just as you and I have an evolution. For Jesus to evolve, he needed the desire to walk into the light. Do you have the desire to walk into […]

Your Perfect Journey

Beloved Soul in Evolution, What a magnificent week of connecting our wills to the will of God! This week, my topic with you is the equipment needed to raise consciousness, based on your individual expression. Taking the unit of energy that you are, the electrical power within you, and connecting it to the power of […]

Connected with the Cosmic Energy of This Universe

There is a part of us that is connected with the cosmic energy of this universe.  As we acknowledge this, and meditate upon this, we are able to magnify and focus this energy into our conscious awareness. Then we are able to discover the true essence of our being. Action to Take: Meditate with this goal […]