Forgiveness Is a Process

Although it has been many years since my divorce, I still experience emotional triggers.  I have the blessing of raising my teenage daughter full time.  I’ve experience shortness of temper at times when there should be no reason.  Through my meditation and journaling I find these moments have nothing to do with my daughter, and […]

Be Your Own Best Friend Every Day!

Your daily spiritual practice is a powerful support to you, on effortless days as well as when difficulties arise.  Being loyal to those supportive actions is how you become your own best friend, being “prayed up” to handle whatever comes your way.   Here are a few things to include in your daily spiritual practice: […]

Shine Your Healing Light!

You are a being of light. The strength of your light depends on the clarity of your consciousness, which comes through daily meditation, forgiveness, and giving up the ego. The light that you can shine nourishes those around you, like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, bringing comfort and healing. Action to take […]