Move from Intellect to Intuition

Beloved Soul in Evolution, We are moving forward, just as Spring continues to awaken! Have you had new understandings this week about how the busy mind likes to run the show? This week we are focusing on developing intuition, another aspect of who you are. After many lifetimes of developing the intellect, our soul evolution […]

There Is a Power within You, Greater than Your Personality Self!

As you move through your day, remember that there is a Power greater than yourself working through you, helping lift you above the negativity that arises in your consciousness. That greater part of you sees beyond the third dimensional situation to the perfect solution. Trust that you are guided to the right action, even if […]

Intuition: The Next Phase of Soul Evolution

You have spent lifetimes developing your intellect. You have explored many amazing features of your mind and have learned numerous things about the world. Now you are ready to use your intelligence in a higher way.  The main functions of the intellectual mind are to reason things out and analyze your thoughts, circumstances and surroundings. […]

Tap into Your Intuition!

The main function of the intellectual mind is to reason things out and to analyze your thoughts, circumstances and surroundings. The purpose of the intuitive mind is to expand your consciousness beyond the scope of day–to-day life. 2011 is the time to develop this aspect. The new energy coming into this planet is right for helping […]