Going Deeper: Take Yourself into the Next Dimension of Being

Beloved Soul in Evolution, To detach yourself from outer situations and drama, the ego must be displaced by your soul energy. This doesn’t mean that you are aloof from life! It means that your focus is on the bigger picture, supporting yourself and your family, friends and coworkers. The ego, of course, doesn’t want to […]

Going Deeper – Own Your God Self‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you move into the Presence of the Infinite, you have to own that Presence. How do you do that? You have the responsibility and opportunity to awaken to your Infinite Self in this lifetime. Don’t become complacent with the spiritual understanding you have right now. There is always more to […]

Your Intuitive Mind

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you do your spiritual work of developing your observer self, you become more in control of your consciousness and more aligned with your true purpose: Being fully aware of your Infinite Self. Your intuition is a valuable piece of equipment on your journey. Your intuitive self knows what is coming […]

The Adventure of Meditation

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Meditation is the way you connect to your inner Self and evolve your conscious awareness of Infinite Intelligence. Meditation supports your soul as it works to wake you up, dissolve the illusions that keep you in the third dimension. Your meditation time helps build the avenue of your intuition that allows […]

Willing the Will of God

Beloved Soul in Evolution, The higher you go on the spiritual ladder, the easier it is to fall back into old, “easier” patterns. More than ever, it is important to recommit to your spiritual journey every day. The best thing you can do for your progress is to connect your will to the Higher Will […]