Connect with Your Intuition, a Meditation

Beloved Soul in Evolution, This week I bring you another opportunity to center yourself, to connect with all the love you need. As you meditate each day, your ability to connect to your higher Self strengthens and allows you more access to your intuition. You align yourself with that great Life Force which brings new […]

Listen to Your Inner Guidance

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you know by now, one of the most important skills to learn on this journey is to listen to your inner guidance. That is why I chose this week’s video on this very topic. You came into this life with a specific plan for your life. You may have felt […]

Intuition Is Essential for Spiritual Freedom

Beloved Soul in Evolution, I am moving forward with that part of Spiritual Power Tools that deals with intuition! Get out your book and turn to page seven, Chapter Two. In this week’s video, I take you deeper in understanding your intuition and how it works. When you access your intuition, you are piercing the […]