Meditation Brings Practical Clarity to Your Day

Meditation is a powerful tool that can help us prioritize our many responsibilities each day. Sometimes it is difficult to discern what is important to get done and what can be let go. Meditation helps to clear the mind, and as we connect with the Light of our Soul, clarity comes more easily throughout the […]

Learn about Yourself through Others

Every person you meet, every situation you find yourself in, is an opportunity to learn something about yourself.  Is a difficult person here to teach you patience?  Forgiveness? Love?  Are you in a challenging situation to strengthen a quality that you need in order to stretch your soul’s expression?  Action to take: Each day, ask […]

Intuition: The Next Phase of Soul Evolution

You have spent lifetimes developing your intellect. You have explored many amazing features of your mind and have learned numerous things about the world. Now you are ready to use your intelligence in a higher way.  The main functions of the intellectual mind are to reason things out and analyze your thoughts, circumstances and surroundings. […]