Preparation for Easter Energy

Have you found a quiet place? By seeking spiritual nourishment daily, our degree of success rapidly improves with each attempt. Perseverance brings rich rewards. The action to take: Find a quiet place. Meditate daily.                                           […]

Trust that You Are Supported

By committing to work in the best interest of your soul, you have made a powerful request that will resonate throughout the Universe. You can trust that you will get the support you need for your journey.   ACTION TO TAKE:   Meditate daily and continue reading the daily affirmations for Lent.   Click to […]

Make a Commitment to Your Soul for Lent

The 40 days of Lent has begun. The time has come to make a commitment to your soul.   The moment you choose to take responsibility for your soul’s progress, a new vibration and energy will flow into your life. This is a profound decision that will re-prioritize and restructure everything in your world.   […]

March 09, 2011 ~ Talk

Homework: Read over notes–3x daily–from first week of Jane’s Lent notes sent previously. Please visit the original post to download. Download March 10 Talk

Support Your Spiritual Transformation into a New State of Consciousness

We are fast approaching our 40 days of spiritual transformation into a new state of consciousness. Action to take to prepare for this major change: Use the Seven Step Process to take your current consciousness up the Seven Steps. Here are the instructions to follow: Step One – Gratitude I give thanks for the self I […]