Trust that You Are Supported

By committing to work in the best interest of your soul, you have made a powerful request that will resonate throughout the Universe. You can trust that you will get the support you need for your journey.   ACTION TO TAKE:   Meditate daily and continue reading the daily affirmations for Lent.   Click to […]

Make a Commitment to Your Soul for Lent

The 40 days of Lent has begun. The time has come to make a commitment to your soul.   The moment you choose to take responsibility for your soul’s progress, a new vibration and energy will flow into your life. This is a profound decision that will re-prioritize and restructure everything in your world.   […]

March 09, 2011 ~ Talk

Homework: Read over notes–3x daily–from first week of Jane’s Lent notes sent previously. Please visit the original post to download. Download March 10 Talk

Support Your Spiritual Transformation into a New State of Consciousness

We are fast approaching our 40 days of spiritual transformation into a new state of consciousness. Action to take to prepare for this major change: Use the Seven Step Process to take your current consciousness up the Seven Steps. Here are the instructions to follow: Step One – Gratitude I give thanks for the self I […]

Preparing for Cosmic Energy of Easter

As a follow up to this week’s Words from the Hart and previous blog post, 40 days of Lent begins March 9th.  During these next two weeks please align your consciousness with the meditation information sent earlier and focus on making a commitment for the forty day period. We are preparing to move into the […]