Going Deeper – Love and the Opposites‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, In the third dimension, where the human self lives, the opposites affect us all day long. They dominate our thinking, putting us on one side of an issue, then on the other side, and not ever giving us the truth of who we are. There is a purpose of the opposites […]

Going Deeper – Connect to the Love Within You‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Living from your Higher Self, and breaking free from your lower self is what you are striving to accomplish right now. That below-the-five (on the Spiritual Thermometer) ego self doesn’t want to do anything that supports its own demise and your soul’s triumph. But, the soul is who you are; it […]

Going Deeper – Commit to Your Inward Journey

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Involution is the process of going within after many lifetimes of evolving your soul, and unwinding the karma of lifetimes while also learning about who you are as an Infinite Being. That inward journey has many steps to it, and it takes time. You are wired for spiritual awakening! Your desire […]

Love to Know Your Self in God

Beloved Soul in Evolution, What did you experience this week as you practiced using the Spiritual Thermometer? Were you able to better see who was running your show–the “little I” or the “Big I”, which is the I AM Presence in you? The Spiritual Thermometer is a great tool for practicing your Observer Self, which […]

Karma, Soul Choices and Love

Beloved Soul in Evolution, I hope you enjoyed the past few weeks of spiritual support on the road! This week I am talking with you about living from your higher Self, and getting rid of that lower, below-the-five ego self that doesn’t want to do anything that supports its decrease and your soul’s triumph. But, […]