Embrace Your Future Possibilities

Now that you have advanced into 2011, you are being prepared to fully embrace your future possibilities. Your consciousness is being upgraded, so to speak, to allow for the incoming higher vibrations.   Here are some ideas that will enable you to move through the challenging parts of the integration process. Actions to take if […]

Guidance after Completing the Seven Step Process into the Year 2011:

By completing this process old emotional patterns have been released and this has created a reservoir for new energy to flow into your life.  You will be presented with a vast array of options. Here are some changes you may experience: Relationships with spouse, children, parents or friends could shift. Change in job or career […]

Take on Your New Consciousness!

  The time has come to take on our new consciousness for 2011. As we release the year 2010 and move into Our New Being in God, we will discover new talents and new abilities being unveiled in our consciousness.   Action to take: Have a New Year filled with surprises and many blessings. Featured […]

New Year, New Energy

This is the time of the year to embrace the new vortex of energy and vibration that is coming in to support the evolution of your Soul. Action to take: It is of major importance that you plan a time to meditate, go into the Silence and be in the NOW moment. Featured Video: Meditation […]

Move into the New Year with a Clean Slate

Are you ready to change your life? Whenever there is a shift in our consciousness, change takes place. We have been preparing ourselves for the last several weeks to move into the new year with grace and poise. On December 19th we are going to do the last two steps: Release and Surrender. Action to […]