Time to Celebrate the New Year!

Now you are ready for the final step, Completion.   Go to a special place to meditate. Still your mind and visualize the seven steps. See yourself on each step and as you do, go through a release process in your mind. End by saying this powerful prayer, “I am grateful for all the lessons […]

Letting Go Is Where the Power Is!

The Sixth Step, Release, gives you time to review your progress. You are preparing to fully release your memories, both positive and negative, as well as your dashed hopes, broken expectations and disappointments.                                             […]

Forgiveness Frees Your Soul

“By learning to work with the Law of Karma (cause and effect), we begin to understand that we are evolving souls. Through love and forgiveness, we free ourselves from future incarnations. Action to take:If there is a “soul” in your life that you have issues with, forgive them. That is the way to freedom from […]

Clear the Way for New Possibilities!

Learning from the Tough Times “Each year brings about some difficulties and disappointments. In order to flush out those old thoughts it is necessary to observe and journal these disappointments and learn what your Soul is trying to tell you. I learned the most about myself through my difficulties, and so will you.  Actions to […]

Why Is Gratitude Important?

We are now moving toward the energy and vibration of the year 2012. It is important to go through a process called “Seven Steps for Moving into the New Year. Journaling is a very important part of the releasing process. Step One — Let’s begin by answering these questions: 1. What are you thankful for […]