The Spiritual Thermometer and Your “Big I”

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Last week we revisited the Spiritual Thermometer and how it can help you observe your thinking. I hope you had a deeper experience of yourself this week as you focused on this Spiritual Power Tools. This week, I am re-sharing with you Part 2 of my discussion of the Spiritual Thermometer. […]

Observe Your Emotional Patterns

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Here we go, continuing our deeper look into Spiritual Power Tools! I hope you are using the tools in the last video, “Staying on the Transformation Track.” It’s a good one to reference when you need encouraging reminders when the going gets tough. In this week’s video, I am addressing emotional […]

Chicago Events, June 2013

Beloved Soul in Evolution, God has a plan for your life, and you have access to that divine realization–and if you are reading this, you are thirsty for spiritual knowledge! This week, I am sharing with you two more videos from my time in Chicago. One is from the early service at Unity Northwest; the […]

Your Intuitive Mind

Beloved Soul in Evolution, I hope you have had a successful week of observing your emotions and being on top of them, rather than your emotions being on top of you. As you do your spiritual work of developing your observer self, you become more in control of your consciousness and more aligned with your […]