Going Deeper – Uncovering Your Subconscious Mind – Part 1

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you continue meditating and quieting your mind, slowly but surely over time, you will notice that things surface to be addressed. This process is addressed in this week’s video. Pieces of your subconscious “iceberg” are coming to the surface of your conscious mind to be understood, healed and released. It’s […]

Uncover Universal Energy

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As the seasons change around me, I am reminded of the Universal Plan for all souls moving forward in their evolutionary process. In the video I chose for this week, I discuss the evolutionary process and how you fit into it. I remember when I first discovered that not only was […]

Walking the Karmic Tightrope

Beloved Soul in Evolution, We are continuing to uncover the “mystery” of karma-which is really not a mystery, but a logical and fair movement of energy, intricately designed for your soul’s evolution, and involution. As you learn to unravel your karma, you become more aware of asking the right questions: “Why is this person in […]