Units of Energy

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Welcome to the aftermath of Easter! The energy blast came in—What are you going to do with that energy? This week, I am sharing with you information about energy and how it comes in to support your soul’s evolution. Energy is a spiritual commodity that we can use for revelations that […]

Soul Evolutionist: Love and the Opposites‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Now that you have looked at your life plan, you see how people and situations in your life have been there to teach you about something, be it love, forgiveness, overcoming, or the many other opportunities to grow that this third dimension offers us. This week we are looking at the […]

Move beyond the Opposites

As we move forward on this spiritual adventure, we are beginning to understand the value of being the observer self and why detachment is so important. By now you have begun to notice how emotions play such an important role in your life and color your decision making process. Emotions have great power and we […]