Going Deeper – Let God Dream in You‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Your spiritual journey requires you to be flexible and free to turn on a dime. To move from one karmic situation to the next, you can use the Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions to help you to make the switch more easily. As you move forward on the journey, you […]

Meditation for Releasing the Year

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Happy New Year! As you get ready to celebrate the transition into 2016 tonight, remember to complete your Seven Step process for releasing the year, then finish with this meditation video. See your life in the new year as the evolutionary process that it is. Your soul is always trying to […]

Releasing the Year through Forgiveness

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How is your process of releasing the year progressing? Did you have many Hopes and Dreams from this year? Do you find that you recall something to write down each time you journal? In this week’s video, we address the major step in the Seven Step process: Forgiveness. Forgiveness is the […]

Releasing the Year’s Hopes & Dreams‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How did your week go, releasing your disappointments and difficulties from 2015? You may find that you have other situations to add to that step as you continue this process. In this week’s video and journaling questions, you have the opportunity to look at your hopes and dreams from the year, […]

Release the Year’s Disappointments and Difficulties‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, It’s that time of year again! Time to release the energy from this year to prepare yourself for the new year using the Seven Steps for Releasing the Year process. In this week’s video, we begin this process with Step 4: Disappointments and Difficulties. Taking time to look at your Disappointments […]