Understanding the Differences between the Third and Fourth Dimensions

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Even though our Spiritual Power Tools celebration month is over, I will continue going through this powerful little book at a deeper level than I have with you in the past. In this week’s video, I continue discussing the differences between the third and fourth dimension. The most important thing to […]

Going Beyond Your Limited Self

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How far do you want to move on this spiritual journey? Your free will and spiritual desire will determine how far you go. We celebrate Easter this week and the Spiritual Power Tools’ ten year anniversary this month; and both Easter energy and the tools in that little book will support […]

Journal to Untangle Your Subconscious and Dismantle the Ego

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As we continue celebrating the Spiritual Power Tools’ tenth anniversary this month, I am focusing on these tools to support you on your journey. After talking about the subconscious in last week’s video, I thought this week it would be good to explore how to untangle the issues within that 90 […]