Walk through the Door of God Consciousness

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How were your spiritual practices this week? Thank you for your emails, sharing with me your questions and experiences! This week, I have a new picture for you: the Door of God Consciousness. Many spiritual students have asked me why the journey is so slow, and why our healing and awakening […]

Walking the Karmic Tightrope

Beloved Soul in Evolution, We are continuing to uncover the “mystery” of karma-which is really not a mystery, but a logical and fair movement of energy, intricately designed for your soul’s evolution, and involution. As you learn to unravel your karma, you become more aware of asking the right questions: “Why is this person in […]

Creating a New Life Plan

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Did you have a lot to think about this week, with your new understanding about what happens after you die? This week, I continue with this line of thought, and share with you about what happens after you review your life—creating a new life plan. Using a made-up example, I walk […]