Going Deeper – Commit to Your Inward Journey

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Involution is the process of going within after many lifetimes of evolving your soul, and unwinding the karma of lifetimes while also learning about who you are as an Infinite Being. That inward journey has many steps to it, and it takes time. You are wired for spiritual awakening! Your desire […]

Going Deeper: What Is Soul Involution?

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As each life has passed, you have made choices as to what skills and talents you wanted to develop. You went into each life working on those abilities, and working on karmic relationships as well. At the end of each life, you evaluated your life and made new decisions for your […]

Going Deeper – Breaking Free from Illusions, Part 2

Beloved Soul in Evolution, When your illusions begin to fall apart, you have a new perspective on your life. You can’t look at people, situations, or yourself the same way that you did when you were steeped in the illusion. When I began my spiritual journey, I believed in the illusion of my limited self. […]

Going Deeper in 2016: How Desires Create Your Lifetimes‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As we approach Easter week, and you check in with your Lent commitment, remember that your desire for your spiritual growth is what fuels your movement. Your experiences in each lifetime fulfill and create desires that then carry over into the next lifetime. The purpose of this desire-driven process is many-fold: […]

Going Deeper – Connect with Your Intuition

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you continue with your Lent commitment, continue to also reflect on the necessity of meditation on your spiritual journey to awakening. Meditation is one of the most important practices on your spiritual journey. It connects you with your Higher Self, helps you practice stilling your mind, strengthens your Observer Self, […]