Guidance after Completing Your New Year Process

Beloved Soul in Evolution, By completing this process old emotional patterns have been released and this has created a reservoir for new energy to flow into your life. You will be presented with a vast array of options. Here are some changes you may experience: Relationships with spouse, children, parents or friends could shift. Change […]

Going Deeper – Your Soul Wants to Evolve

Beloved Soul in Evolution, You are always evolving and changing, with many opportunities for soul evolution every day. You speed up your soul’s evolution as you embrace those things and people you don’t like! You get to find out more about who you are, and you become able to see others and situations from a […]

Going Deeper: You Are Unlimited as a Spiritual Being!‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you become aligned with your spiritual Self, your life changes! You let go of the ego desires that take your energy from your spiritual life. You find that you get to use all of your gifts for your spiritual alignment, a process worth its weight in gold! Whatever is keeping […]

Going Deeper – Desire to Grow

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Your desires are the most important thing that you own. For many lifetimes, you have been desiring things and getting some of them fulfilled, some of them not. But you can continue to harness that power of desire to fuel your spiritual understandings and movement! As you open to new understandings […]

Going Deeper – Connect to the Love Within You‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Living from your Higher Self, and breaking free from your lower self is what you are striving to accomplish right now. That below-the-five (on the Spiritual Thermometer) ego self doesn’t want to do anything that supports its own demise and your soul’s triumph. But, the soul is who you are; it […]