9/10 Subconscious

Beloved Soul in Evolution, We continue looking deeply into our soul’s evolution this week as I explore with you the subconscious mind. As you watch the video this week, have your Spiritual Power Tools book nearby. I refer to the iceberg image on page 28. You are on a vast journey that encompasses more than […]

Spiritual Power Tools ~ Now in the format you are looking for!

 Spiritual PowerTools: Support for Your Soul is now available in paperback, pdf file, and e-book format for your Kindle or Nook! Click on the image, or check out these links: Spiritual Power Tools for Kindle Spiritual Power Tools for Nook Also, look for Spanish Spiritual Power Tools— Herramientas del Poder Espiritual — para Kindle o […]

Participate in Your Soul Evolution

To attain a more elevated state of consciousness, we must take responsibility for the evolution of our Soul through meditation, listening to our inner voice, and being an observer or our thoughts and actions. ~Jane Elizabeth We are all evolving as souls, regardless if one is conscious of it or not.  Why not be good […]