Spiritual Thermometer, Emotions, and Karma

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How did you do this past week monitoring yourself when you felt emotionally charged? Did you journal? Did you learn something new about yourself? In this week’s video, I am continuing this discussion on dissolving emotional pain. The Spiritual Thermometer is a spiritual power tool that can help you identify where […]

Love to Know Your Self in God

Beloved Soul in Evolution, What did you experience this week as you practiced using the Spiritual Thermometer? Were you able to better see who was running your show–the “little I” or the “Big I”, which is the I AM Presence in you? The Spiritual Thermometer is a great tool for practicing your Observer Self, which […]

How to Use the Spiritual Thermometer

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Have you enjoyed our discussion about the subconscious mind the past couple of weeks? You have probably learned that when insights come to the surface from your subconscious, emotions arise with them. In this week’s video, I am going over the Spiritual Thermometer–a great tool for watching the automatic cycles of […]