Going Deeper: Stilling Your Mind

Beloved Soul in Evolution, At every step along the journey, you are learning to master mind to a greater and greater extent. It is not an easy job to do, as you may already know! It takes courage and persistence to listen and be the Observer of your mind. To have that moment of clarity […]

Going Deeper: Mastering Your Mind

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Happy New Year! What spiritual commitment are you making to your Higher Self in 2016? Daily meditation? Forgiveness? Quieting your mind? On this road to great conscious awareness, there are many experiences you will have–experiencing the infinite part of you, as well as moving through the tough challenge of letting go […]

Using the Spiritual Thermometer

How are you doing stilling your mind? Since we have been revisiting this topic, I am sharing this week’s video about the Spiritual Thermometer. As you observe your thinking, you can see that your thoughts are happy one minute, unhappy the next, neutral the next, and so forth. The Spiritual Thermometer helps you detach from […]