Going Deeper: You Are Unlimited as a Spiritual Being!‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you become aligned with your spiritual Self, your life changes! You let go of the ego desires that take your energy from your spiritual life. You find that you get to use all of your gifts for your spiritual alignment, a process worth its weight in gold! Whatever is keeping […]

Going Deeper – Working with Your Life Plan‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Awakening to Infinite Consciousness is like having a veil lifted. Your desire for your spiritual growth is a message that you are sending to the Universe that you want to change and grow. That energy and vibration goes out and touches others, as well as draws support to you from within. […]

Going Deeper – Breaking Free from Illusions – Part 1

Beloved Soul in Evolution, It is important to understand that you are in a play, an illusion, and you have chosen to be in this particular play for this life. Everything around you is about you, since this is your play! Sometimes you like it, and sometimes you don’t. When you like it, you want […]

Going Deeper – Your Desires and Infinite Intelligence

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Desire is the biggest drive for God Consciousness because it compels you to know more about your finite self, and all the way to awakening as Infinite Intelligence. You are finite in the midst of the Infinite. Your journey through the third dimension has grown you into a mature human being, […]

Going Deeper – The Pure Essence of Your Being

Beloved Soul in Evolution, I talk to you so much about your spiritual journey from humanhood to Godhood because it is the journey that you are on. There are many aspects to this awakening, and you won’t get it all done in one lifetime; but you are on your way, learning one step at a […]