Meditation is the process we must use to unveil our whole SELF. Through meditation our vibrations are raised.  Our intuitive Mind is awakened and activated.  The intuitive mind accesses the all-knowing mind of God. All the knowledge and wisdom of the ages is available to us. In order to move into the all knowingness of God, a purification process takes place. God uses our intuitive mind to bring into consciousness things that are blocking us from our wholeness.  We have soul issues that must be balanced and realigned.  We are supported, guided and directed to those things stored in our subconscious mind that have kept us stuck. Every soul must eventually go through this process. This is the procedure which takes us to the next dimension of Being.

Action to take:

Meditate and quiet your mind. There are many ways to mediate: Listen to a guided meditation. Take a long walk and just still the mind. (That is known as an open eye-meditation.) Observe your breathing as it moves in and out of your chest, or put your hand on your heart and focus on your heartbeat, with a quiet mind.  Whatever you can lose yourself in is meditation.