Third Dimension

Welcome to the Self Study Lesson on the Third Dimension. There are several lessons on this topic below. Take as long as you want on each lesson, focusing on the action step at the end.  Then, go to the next lesson.


Lesson 1: What Is the Third Dimension?

Q. What is the Third Dimension?

A. It is important to understand this, because as you learn the truth of your being, it will assist you to move out of the limitations of the third dimension. The third dimension is the human dimension, where you are in the human consciousness. There, you live under the law of the opposites—cause and effect. You are bound to the opposites: good and bad, happy and sad, etc. You are ruled by your emotions and operate from a limited consciousness.

Q. How does my third dimensional self operate?

A. Your mind in the third dimension is about yourself, the personal self of “i”. It focuses entirely on itself: my, me mine, my needs my wants, my possessions, my problems my relationships, and so forth.

Q. What are the qualities or experiences of the third-dimensional consciousness?


You cannot turn off your mind.
You identify with your intellect.
You think happiness lies in the outside world.
Your feel powerless.
You are either worried about the past or future.
You are dominated by emotions.
You live in fear.
You feel separate and alone.
You are afraid of change.
You are self-absorbed.
You identify with your limited self.
You are afraid of silence.

Q. What is the first step that I need to take to move out of the limitations of the third dimension?

A. The first step is to watch your thoughts and learn how redundant and useless the mind’s consistent chatter is. Once you have this concept down, then you have to turn off those thoughts. Your Observer Self is an important part of this step. It watches over your incessant thinking and helps you to stop those thoughts.

Action Step:

Spend a couple of days observing your mind, how it constantly pulls you around in nothingness! Watch how your mind won’t give you any peace. It is constantly keeping you busy (doing nothing!) so you aren’t taking action in support of what your soul really wants you to be doing!

After a couple of days of observing your thoughts, work to stop the thoughts mid-stream. See yourself pushing the “STOP” button on the thought so it doesn’t finish itself. You will have to do this constantly.



Lesson 2: Challenges of the Third Dimension

Q. Why is living in the third dimension so challenging?

A. It is the world of the opposites. First, you are happy and then, you are sad. You feel safe, then anxious. You experience the glory of being alive and then are painfully aware that one day your body will die. The opposites and the third dimension are under the Law of Reincarnation and Karma.

Q. How do the opposites operate in the third dimension?

A. In the third dimension, where the human self lives, the opposites affect you all day long. They dominate your thinking, putting you on one side of an issue, then on the other side, never giving you the truth.

Q. Is my ego part of the third dimension?

A. Absolutely. It dominates your life

Action Step:

Journal your responses to the questions below:

1. What do you need to release in the third dimension that is keeping you stuck?
2. How would releasing this help you to move forward?



Lesson 3: Moving Out of the Third Dimension

Q. What do I need to do to move out of the third dimension?

A. It takes a commitment and a strong desire to move out of the third dimension.

Q. How do I turn off my mind and move out of the third dimension?

A. The human mind is quite a merry-go-round, spinning you around and around and around! It keeps you busy in that mind, questioning, doubting, deciding, and then doubting again! It has to be corralled. A hard thing to do, but everyone has to master the mind eventually. Practice, practice, practice.

Q. What is the one most important tool to help me go beyond the third dimension?

A. Meditation is the way. Meditation supports your soul as it works to wake you up and dissolves the illusions that keep you in the third dimension. It prepares your consciousness to move beyond the third dimension of human comprehension.

Action step:

What are you doing each day to quiet your mind? Journal about your thoughts.



Lesson 4: Moving from the Third Dimension into the Fourth Dimension

Q. Is my mind an obstacle to going beyond the third dimension?

A. Yes. You need to take control of your mind and quiet it. That is why meditation is so important. Here is also where the Observer Self is extremely important.

Q. Can being detached from outcomes get me out of the third dimension?

A. Absolutely, yes.

Q. How is this done?

A. Do the work by journaling and find out what you are attached to. Work on releasing and surrendering these.

Q. Is the third dimension all about my desires?

A. Yes. Your desires are always fulfilled in the third dimension. Because they are third-dimensional desires, they live in the world of the opposites.

Q. What are the rewards of moving out of the third dimension?


You have mastered the art of turning off your mind.
You identify with your unlimited self.
You identify with your intuition.
You can quiet your mind at will.
You understand that happiness exists within you.
You feel empowered.
You are in control of your emotions.
You live peacefully.
You know how to forgive.
You welcome change.
You enjoy silence.
You are unselfish and understand your responsibility to all humanity.

Moving from your human, third dimensional self, into your spiritual, fourth dimensional self is a long journey of detaching from the world you are used to, and learning about the next level of awakening to your Higher Self. It takes a long time, step by step, to master your human self.

A busy mind can keep you stuck in the third dimension through the identification with your limited self. You must take charge of your mind. You are the only one who can do this for yourself.

Quieting the busy mind helps us move into the next dimension of your Real Self. The Infinite can only be experienced through your still, intuitive mind.

Action Step:

Watch the following video and journal your responses to the questions below:

1. Why is turning off your mind such an important step in moving from the third dimension into the fourth dimension?
2. How do you support yourself in turning off your mind?
3. How does turning off your mind make you “teachable”?



Congratulations! You are ready to move on to the next topic. Remember that I am here to support you.
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