Welcome to the Self Study Lesson on Fear. There are several lessons on this topic below. Take as long as you want on each lesson, focusing on the action step at the end. Then, go to the next lesson.



Lesson 1: What Is Fear?

Q: What is fear?

A: Fear is a powerful emotion that arises within your body when you feel threatened, in danger, or worried that some undesirable event may occur. It is important to understand that fear is not caused by your circumstances, but your thoughts about those circumstances.

Q: Can anything good come from fear?

A: Yes! Although fear is unpleasant and distressing, it can tell you a lot about yourself.

Action StepFor further support refer to Spiritual Power Tools #2: Journaling and #3: Spiritual Thermometer

Q: Where does my fear come from?

A: Every person knows fear. Many of the fears you have are rooted in past karmic situations. Fear is easy to recognize because it comes with a vibration and energy all of its own. It dominates most situations and puts a damper on many happy moments.

Q: Is it a normal part of the process to feel fear?

A: Yes! You must release the fear and let go and move into the unknown. This is the only way you can move forward on your journey




Q: How do I learn to deal with my fear?

A. An important step to take on your spiritual journey is to learn to deal with your fears. Every person knows fear. Many of the fears you have are rooted in past karmic situations.

Action Step: For greater awareness of your SOUL, journal your fears. Meditate and ask for new understanding. For further support, refer to Spiritual Power Tool #1: Meditation and #2: Journaling

Q: What is the best way for me to take control of my fear?

A. Meditation is the single most important action you can take to change your consciousness. It is the best way to connect with your higher self, develop intuition, release fears, and control your mind. The moment you decide you want to make the effort to know more about your real self, you send a signal into the universe which will support the truth of your being.

Action Step: Create a meditation station, a place that you can go that is calming and peaceful. This will set up the vibration and energy field which will directly connect with the truth of your being.

Q: Why must I let go of my fears?

A: You must let go of your fears in order to take the steps you need to expand your consciousness.

Q: How do I turn off the fear in my mind?

A: The human mind is quite a merry-go-round, spinning you around and around! It keeps you busy, questioning, doubting, deciding, and then doubting again! It has to be corralled–a hard thing to do, but everyone has to master the mind eventually.

Action Step: Watch your mind spin. See how often your mind repeats the same thoughts over and over again. This will help you see how busy your mind is.

Q: Why do I fear change?

A: The spiritual journey is an adventure in change. Every time you get comfortable with your life, divine discontent takes over, giving you an opportunity to move forward in your consciousness.

Action Step: The more you resist change, the harder it is to move forward. You seem stuck in old patterns of behavior and fear the unknown. When see you this happening, the only answer is to quiet your mind and say to yourself, “I embrace the changes coming into my life because I know my soul is wanting to express itself in a new way and give me a new expanded consciousness. “

Q: What is my ego afraid of?

A: Even though you want to be free, your ego is afraid of losing that illusion of control. Your ego wants you to stay the same and convince you that the whole process is a waste of time.




Q: How do I overcome fear when it is time to make a decision?

A: There can be a lot of fear about making the right decisions. Your mind has a tendency to waiver between ‘should I’ or ‘shouldn’t I?

Action Step: A good measuring stick is to ask yourself:

• Is it good for all concerned?
• Is it moral?
• Is it going to hurt anyone?
• Does it demonstrate unconditional love?

For further support, refer to Spiritual Power Tool #1: Meditation and #7: Guidance

Q What will stop me from expanding my consciousness?

A: Fear! It causes you to hesitate, doubt your guidance and miss special opportunities to expand your consciousness.

Q What do I need to do to stay on track?

A: Take the following action step.

• Reaffirm your commitment to expand your consciousness
• Observe your thinking and vigilantly protect the bridge to your Higher Consciousness
• Confront your emotional patterns through journaling
• When in doubt, forgive!

For further support, refer to Spiritual Power Tool #8.

Q: Does overcoming a fear once make it easier the next time?

A: Yes. Every time you take a fearful step, you become empowered. The next time you are afraid, you have the courage to take charge of your fear.

Q: How do I move beyond my emotions?

A: Fear is an emotion, and there are many emotions you experience because you live in the world of the opposites. You have to learn to live in the world of the opposites but not be affected by the opposites.

Action Step: For further support refer to Spiritual Power Tool #6 Dissolving Emotional Pain and watch the following video.

Q: How do I work through my fears?

A: Journaling can get you to the root of a problem quicker than talking about it or trying to figure it out in your head. It facilitates a flow of consciousness that opens up channels that disclose hidden information. Soon you will see certain patterns or themes that lead you to clear understanding of deep-seated issues.

Action Step: Write whatever comes to mind. If you write ideas that seem to be strange or unrelated to your issue, don’t censor yourself. This is a process of self-discovery.

For further support refer to Spiritual Power Tool #2 Journaling


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