Welcome to the Self Study Lesson on Reincarnation. There are several lessons on this topic below. Take as long as you want on each lesson, focusing on the action step at the end. Then, go to the next lesson.

Lesson One: Introduction to Reincarnation

Q: What is reincarnation?

A: Reincarnation is the process of living through one lifetime after the next until incarnating is no longer necessary, due to your soul awakening to its Infinite Self. Every soul is evolving through the process of reincarnation and its law of karma.

Q: What is the advantage of knowing about reincarnation?

A: This gives you a greater understanding of your day-to-day problems and the people who are in your life.

Q: What can help me to remember my past lifetimes?

A: Watch what you’re drawn to. There might be certain historical periods that interest you — ancient Egypt, medieval times or the American Civil War. Or you might love Japanese furniture, food, and clothing — but you’re a white person living in Iowa. If you are strongly attracted or repelled by certain things, you most likely had a life in that time or in that place.

Lesson Two: Learning from Your Current Relationships and Situations

Q: Have the people I know been with me before?

A: Absolutely. We incarnate in groups. Souls you are close to in this lifetime have been with you before, like them or not. They are there for a purpose and you can uncover and understand your responsibility to each soul. If you honor the fact that those souls have been with you before, you can see what they need from you.

Q: Do negative situations in this life have to do with a lack of forgiveness in a past life?

A: ALL negative situations in the present have to do with unresolved past life issues!

Q: Do I need to know the details of a past life in order to heal karma?

A: No. It is enough to recognize your intense emotions and reactions to a particular person or situation and start your forgiveness work right then.

Q: Is it true I bring talents and abilities from one lifetime to the next?

A: Yes. As each life has passed, you have made choices as to what skills and talents you wanted to develop. You went into each lifetime working on those abilities. At the end of each life, you evaluated your life and made new decisions for your next lifetime, to assist you in awakening to the truth of your being.

Action Step: Watch the following video to support you in this exploration on reincarnation:



Lesson Three: Uncovering Your Real Self

Q: What is the ultimate goal of reincarnation?

A: Your spiritual journey does not consist of gaining material goods, but of uncovering the Truth of your real Self. How is this accomplished? By continually desiring to know the truth of your real Self.

Q: Why does it take so many incarnations to evolve?

A: You need many incarnations and a variety of opportunities to come into the full awareness that you are an Infinite Being. One lifetime isn’t enough to accomplish this goal. As your spiritual consciousness develops, you become more aware of your soul. Each incarnation increases your ability to know your true Self that exists in God.

Q: What about past life memories? How can they contribute to my journey?

A: A very important part of your spiritual journey is to understand that you have had other lifetimes and that you have existed before. When I first became aware of this in 1969, it was when I had my first past life experience. That was a shock! Nobody had ever talked to me about past lives. I had no education in that subject. Somehow, someway, my spiritual self started to understand that there was something happening to me at a deeper level then I had ever experienced before. That revelation made me realize for the very first time that I was a soul, a soul evolving. It was a wake-up call.

Action Step:

Watch the video below for more on reincarnation and past lives.




Lesson Four: Freeing Yourself from the Process of Reincarnation.

Q: Will I always reincarnate? How can I begin to free myself from this process?

A: By learning to work with the Law of Karma (cause and effect), you begin to understand that you are an evolving soul. Through love and forgiveness, you free yourself from future incarnations.

Action Step:

Ask yourself the following questions and journal your responses.

  1. What are the desires that you still have for your life?
  2. In what areas of your life do you feel you want to do better?
  3. Who do you have left to forgive?
  4. Who do you want to love more?

Then, watch the video below to support you in this lesson.




Lesson 5: Taking Responsibility

Q: Is everything negative that has happened to me in this life something I did to someone else in another life?

A: Yes. 99% of the time. Your soul has been around quite a while, and you’ve probably done everything under the sun. You know, the more I found out about my past lives, the less I could judge anyone. I realized I’d done many terrible things along the way of my soul’s evolution. So, by forgiving and loving someone who seems like a despicable jerk, you are actually forgiving and loving yourself, because you were probably just like that, once upon a time. And that person wouldn’t be placed in your life or you wouldn’t notice them if they didn’t strike a familiar chord within your soul.

Action step:

Watch the video below for further support.


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