Welcome to the beginning of a spiritual journey which will lead you to the Truth of your Being. There are many topics below. In each topic, there are several lessons. Many of these lessons have videos for you to explore. Others have journaling questions on the topic that will take you even deeper. 

Use this Self-Study Lesson course however you wish. You may choose to take them in order, or you could skip around within the course and spontaneously explore the ones that speak to your need in the moment. It’s all up to you. Enjoy your journey!

1 Desire

2 Commitment

3 Meditation

4 Observer Self 

5 Journaling

6 Change

7 Third Dimension

8 Fear

9 Opposites

10 Detachment

11 Consciousness

12 Reincarnation

13 Karma 

14 Subconscious

15 Intuition

16 Ego

17 Soul

18 Life Plan

19 Forgiveness

20 Fourth Dimension

21 God Consciousness

22 Alignment (coming soon!)