Welcome to the Self Study Lesson on Life Plan. There are several lessons on this topic below. Take as long as you want on each lesson, focusing on the action step at the end. Then, go to the next lesson.


Lesson 1: What Is a Life Plan?

Q: What is a life plan?

A: Your life plan is based on karma, connection to other souls, talents and abilities, and everything else that you take with you from your subconscious from one life to the next.

Q: How is a life plan created?

A: When you pass-on, you look back on your life and you make a plan for the future. You create your next lifetime out of the disappointments and difficulties from this lifetime – and your joys too.

Before you come into incarnation, you meet with the “Lords of Karma” to talk about what you want for your next lifetime: what you want to do, who you want to be with, what experiences you’d like to have, what you’d like to overcome, and what you’d like to develop.

A helpful example: It is just like going to college. You plan the classes you want to take and this is exactly what happens to us before we go into incarnation. We have an opportunity to decide what particular things you want to learn about.

Action Step:

Look over your plan from this lifetime and think about the many aspects of your life. Doing this will help your efforts in moving beyond the limited self.

  1. Write about your life plan: Your parents, siblings, family, work, and other aspects and experiences from your life.
  2. What desires have been supported?
  3. What resentments have been brought up for you to heal?
  4. How have all of these experiences supported your spiritual journey?

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Q: What is the purpose of a life plan? 

A: Everyone comes in with a plan and that plan is carefully put together to support the things that their soul wants to do this lifetime and the opportunity to be with the people that are going to be in the same incarnation that they are.

The life plan that you are living right now is important because it was designed to support you on your soul journey.

Action Step:

Spend some time this week looking at the life plan that you have–the life plan you came down to fulfill in this life. The parents that you chose to have. And if you are married, the spouse you married. The children you have, if that is part of your life. So, look at your family. Look at your brothers and sisters. Look at the many dimensions of your work. It doesn’t matter whether you are 20 or 80, you have a life plan that you are working through. So take your Observer Self, now that you know you have one, and look at that personality self that planned this lifetime before you came into body.





Lesson 2: Evaluating Your Life Plan


Q: Why is it so important for me to look at my life plan?

A: You must look at your life plan to see how people and situations in your life have been there to teach you about something, be it love, forgiveness, overcoming, or the many other opportunities to grow that this third dimension offers us. This understanding helps you to heal.

Q: What would be a key tool to recognize and understand my Life Plan?

A: One of the first steps in supporting your life plan is to observe your life so far and try to understand how you planned it out.

Action Step:

Write down the major emotional and spiritual hallmarks in your life. Recall and record major events that are meaningful and significant to you. This is a very insightful exercise. 

Q: When did I create this life plan?

A: That life was planned before you even came into incarnation. It was part of your ‘karma’ to come in with the parents you were born with, or the brothers or sisters you have in your life, or if you were an only child, or if in your family your mother and father passed away when you were two years old. This is all part of the life plan that your Soul wanted to experience.

Q: Where did my life plan come from?

A: Know that you created the play that you are in from your last lifetime. Your last lifetime created this play: the people you wanted to love, the people you wanted to forgive, the people you wanted to get even with. The people you resented are back in your life to dissolve that negative energy.




Lesson 3: Supporting Your Life Plan

Q: How do past life desires support my life plan?

A: Your desires are a force that sculpts your life plan. What does your soul want to experience? God will eventually fulfill all of your soul desires. It might take a bunch of lifetimes, but they will always be fulfilled. You have certain desires that you came into this lifetime to fulfill. Think about other lifetimes that brought you to now. You have also chosen the particular people you need to be with in order to make these desires come about. Think about the desires you have in this lifetime and the people you’re with — because the people you’re with are ones that you desired to be with at some point or you wouldn’t be with them now. Because something doesn’t come out of nothing.

Q: How do karma and forgiveness work in my life plan?

A: Karma is a major factor in the creation of your life plan. What do you owe others and what do others owe you? Are there people you need to forgive? In which ways do you need to forgive yourself.

Q: How can I determine my Life Plan is moving forward?

A: Look at your life and look at the choices you have made and ask yourself why you made those choices. This will help you evaluate if you are moving forward in your life plan.

Q: What are some things my soul considered when making the life plan decision?

A: Your life plan is based on karma, connection to other souls, talents and abilities, and everything else that you take with you from your subconscious from one life to the next.

Action Step:

Look at the talents, abilities, and skills you have this lifetime. Also look at who you wanted to love and who you wanted to get even with. This all came from your last lifetime and it is a negative energy you are here to dissolve.




Lesson 4: Overcoming Obstacles


Q: Why do I keep making the same mistakes?

A: Sometimes we come back, and we forget what we learned, and it starts all over again. Karma is designed to give you the best opportunities to grow, to change, and to evolve in consciousness.

Q: Why do the people in my life trigger me so easily?

The people you chose to be in your life could push your buttons because your past resentments have not been healed yet. Past resentments are always a part of every incarnation. All of the memories will trigger your consciousness.

Q: Can a soul go off course from a Life Plan?

A: You might come in and do very well the first of your life and then all of a sudden you are drinking and partying, something you never did. That wasn’t part of your life plan and you get off the rail so to speak, because you have free will.

Q: What are the hindrances that limit me from fulfilling my Life Plan?

A: You need to look at things about yourself you don’t like looking at, because these are the things that are holding back your spiritual progress. Your consciousness won’t be open to the new options for you if you stay in the old mind et.

Q: I find that when I look at my current life plan I get very angry at things I have experienced or done to others, and I just want to stop because it is so emotional and hard. What should I do?

A: Loving yourself is important as you do the work required on this life plan and spiritual journey of yours. No matter what you have done or think you should have done, the love that moves through you is solid and supports you on your way. This will help you heal.

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Lesson 5: Creating a Life Plan


Q: Is it possible to be with somebody in a future life plan that I’ve been with this life plan?

A: Absolutely yes.

Q: What if I want to try to do better with a certain soul? Can I request that person to be in my life plan?

A: Yes. We pick the souls we want to have in our life. These souls support our journey.

Q: What if I want to grow spiritually in my next life? Is there help to do this?

A: Yes. The Lords of Karma will come up with a life plan that will support this desire.

Q: Is intuition important to my life plan?

A: Yes. When your intuitive mind takes charge, it enables you to have a deeper understanding of life circumstances. It grants you a wider vision than looking through a tiny peep hole in a fence.

Reference: Spiritual Power Tools: Chapter 2: From Intellect to Intuition

Q: What is the best tool that supports my life plan?

A: The tool that we have is our Observer Self that helps us realize how to keep us on the “straight and narrow”, how to live in the world of the opposites.

Action Step: For the next week, write down how your Observer Self is keeping you on the right track, and how it helps you be aware of the opposites throughout each day.


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