Welcome to the Self Study Lesson on the Opposites. There are several lessons on this topic below. Take as long as you want on each lesson, focusing on the action step at the end.  Then, go to the next lesson.



LESSON 1: What Are the Opposites?


Q: What are the opposites?

A: The opposites exist in human consciousness. By their nature, opposites are bound together and can’t be separated. You are happy and then you are sad. You feel safe, then anxious. You experience the glory of being alive, and then you are painfully aware that one day your body will die.
Human-hood is where the human-self lives and the opposites affect you all day long. They dominate your thinking, putting you on one side of an issue, then on the other side, and not ever giving you the truth of who you are. Your ego was created to live in the world of opposites. You evaluate yourself from this point of view: pain and pleasure, love and hate, joy and sorrow–all of the different experiences in the opposites.

Q: What role does my mind play in the opposites?

A: Your Observer Self watches your mind and its thoughts. By watching your mind in the opposites, you will see how it keeps you stuck. It is important to remember that you have the power to choose where your mind takes you. With that knowledge, it is important that you watch over your thoughts before you take action. Your mind is constantly moving between the opposites. When you let go of needing to have things come out in a certain way, good or bad, you are empowered.

Action step:

Watch the following video, then journal your responses to the questions below:

1. How do the opposites dominate your day?
2. Write about a time when the opposites have helped you awaken to an aspect of your Higher Self.
3. How did the information in this video support you with understanding the opposites? What stood out to you?



Lesson 2: Balance, Emotions, and the Opposites


This lesson refers to the chapter in Spiritual Power Tools: Support for Your Soul, “Spiritual Power Tool #6: Dissolving Emotional Pain“. You can download Spiritual Power Tools free on this website

Q: How do I find my balance in the opposites?

A: The opposites can get you believing something is utterly wonderful or utterly horrible – and both are wrong! When you are balanced, you will not fall to one side or the other. It takes awareness, commitment and practice to maintain this balance, which is possible and necessary! Your journey to enlightenment is all about learning how to do this–to be in the NOW moment. That is the safest place to be in any moment! This takes practice.

Q: What role do emotions play in the opposites?

A: Emotions have great power and you swing back and forth and feel out of control. If you watch this yo-yo effect, you can stop the yo-yos before they get out of control. By taking this action, you will be regaining your power.
When you are working on your journey to be enlightened, there are pent-up emotions that come up to be resolved. You live in the opposites within the third dimension, so an emotional situation that is positive one moment can be negative in the next. This is what you deal with every day.

Q: What happens when I have emotional pain come up for me? How can I get out of it?

A: Emotional pain is an energy. Remember that you live in the opposites. From the space of your Observer Self, identify your emotions. Learn what is triggering you. When you know your triggers, you can move out of the pain and make different choices for your life. Dissolve the emotional pain and use that energy for positive expression in your life.

Action step to take:

Watch the following video, then journal to identify your emotions and learn what is triggering you. How else did this video support you?



Lesson 3: How to Move Out of the Opposites


Q: How should I begin to move beyond the opposites?

A: The best place to begin is to observe yourself in the opposites. Start by monitoring yourself in the opposites for 24-hours. As you observe yourself, keep track of how many times you were in the positive opposites and how many times you were in the negative opposites.

Q: Which side of the opposites is best?

A: Sometimes the “bad” time is best because when you are pushed about something, you are going to learn the most–even more than in the “good” time when it is euphoric and everything is going your way! Then, there is no benefit. The so-called “bad” time is really your “good” time because when you are not comfortable, the possibility is there for you to move beyond the opposites.

Q: Can I find happiness in the Opposites?

A: Human beings are always trying to find something to make them happy. “If I had a better job, I would be happy.” No, you wouldn’t be happy, because you might have some people in that job who give you opportunities that help you to grow and change.

Action step to take:

1. Think of a situation you are moving through right now.
2. What are you doing to stay above the opposites of that situation?
3. How do you help yourself from getting stuck in the opposites?


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