Welcome to the Self-Study Lesson on Karma. There are several lessons on this topic below. Take as long as you want on each lesson, focusing on the action step at the end. Then, go to the next lesson.

LESSON 1: What Is Karma?

Q. What is karma?

A. Karma is the great balancing system of the universe, cause and effect in action. This law has been created to support the evolution of the consciousness, and therefore it plays an important part in the evolution of your soul. It is “the Law of Sowing and Reaping”— “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Karma is the system of checks and balances.

Q. What creates karma?

A. Karma is created by the experiences you have had in the opposites in the third dimension.

Q. How does karma play out in my life?

A. Karma plays a great role. It is a great bookkeeping system, a balance system in the universe to support your growth. It’s like a cosmic checkbook in your cosmic records. It checks and balances everything. As you sow, so shall you reap.

Q. What is the best way to move through my karma?

A. Forgiveness is the answer to getting off the karmic law. So, forgive, forgive, forgive.

Action Step:

Journal your responses to the questions below.

  1. Make a list of the really important souls in your life, with the knowledge that they have been with you in the past and are here for a reason.
  2. Are they here for me to… Love unconditionally? Forgive? Support in a special way? Learn from?



LESSON 2: Karma and Forgiveness

Q. How do I work my way off the karmic law?

A. By paying off your karma without creating new karma for yourself. And that is done by forgiveness.

Q. Why do I need to work with the karmic Law?

A. By learning to work with the Law of Karma (cause and effect), you begin to understand that you are an evolving soul. Through love and forgiveness, you free yourself from future incarnations.

Q. How does forgiveness pay off my karma?

A. Forgiveness transforms negativity and bridges the distance between yourself and others. Most importantly, forgiveness is the only way to erase past karma and stop future karma from occurring.

Q. How will forgiveness help me to balance my karma with others?

A. Forgiveness of people in your life who seem to be difficult can help you balance karma. The expression of the relationship can change, depending on what piece of karma is expressing at a given time. Your Observer Self can help you identify these changes and forgiveness needs and support you in doing this important work that will help you free yourself.

Action Step:

Journal your responses to the questions below.

1. What relationships are supporting your forgiveness work and helping you understand your karmic responsibility?
2. How is forgiveness supporting your spiritual process today?



LESSON 3: Karma and Balance

Q. Is the Law of Karma fair?

A. Absolutely, It’s very fair. You are doing karma every moment of the day! You are paying back debts and you are doing things to clear the karmic debts you have owed. There is nobody who gets away with anything, and even though you may think they do, they do not.

Q. How can journaling help me work through my karma?

A. Journaling reveals what needs to be forgiven and releases and erases that energy.

Q. What is my karma with souls that I am close to in this lifetime?

A. Souls you are close to in this lifetime have been with you before. They are there for a purpose, and you can uncover and understand your responsibility to that soul.

Action Step:

Watch the following video, then journal your responses to the questions below.

  1. What is your understanding of the karmic tightrope?
  2. Think of a situation you are moving through right now. What are you doing to stay above the opposites of that situation.
  3. How do you help yourself from getting stuck in the opposites?
  4. Why would it be useful to move beyond the Law of Karma?



LESSON 4: Karma – Going Deeper

Q. What does it mean to be in karmic debt?

A. You have negative karma that you have to pay off, just as you would have to pay off a credit card bill. You also accrue credits from positive things that you have done in the past. Every lifetime that you have, you accrue new karmic debts and credits.

Q. How can I better understand my emotions and stop creating karma?

A. Identifying your emotions will help you to understand more about yourself. Using the Spiritual Thermometer will help you identify your emotions. Karma and emotions are interconnected.

Q. Can I escape my karma?

A. No. Everything that is happening in your life has been shaped by karma from previous lifetimes and decisions that you have made. It is not good or bad – it is just the way the third dimension operates.

Action Step:

Watch the following video, then journal your responses to the questions below.

1. When did you first have an understanding of how karma operates? How did that change how you looked at your life?
2. How can you get off the karmic wheel?
3. How do you handle “negative karma” when it appears in your life?
4. What does the “Karmic Wheel” picture, shown in the video, mean to you?
5. Write about a karmic situation that you are currently working on. How are you actively cooperating with the process?



LESSON 5: Desires and Karma

Q. Can you expand more on karma and the evolutionary process?

A. You are on a karmic wheel going around and around. This karmic wheel image represents the spiritual evolutionary process. Everything that is happening in your life has been shaped by karma from previous lifetimes.

Q. Does desire create karma?

A. Desire is more powerful than you can imagine. It propels the wheel of karma.

Q. Is everything subject to the Law of Karma?

A. Yes, your experiences in each lifetime fulfill and create the desires that are carried forward into your next lifetime. The purpose of this desire-driven process is to develop your consciousness.

Action Step:

Watch the following video, then journal your responses to the questions below.

  1. Why are your desires so very important to the evolution of your soul?
  2. What are your deepest desires?
  3. How do you think you will feel about them when your pass over?
  4. What is the most important desire to have to propel you to the truth of your being?


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