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Lesson 1: Defining the Fourth Dimension

Q. What is the Fourth Dimension?

A. The Fourth Dimension is a level of existence or consciousness that in our human words and ideas represents a higher spiritual consciousness. It is a journey from human finite consciousness into Infinite consciousness.

Q: How do I move into the fourth dimension?

A: The first step is to make a commitment to participate in this process. Without a strong commitment nothing can be accomplished. Your personal determination is the driving force that propels you towards your spiritual goal.

Action Steps:

Here are some action steps you must take to move into the fourth dimension:

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Q: What is the difference between the third and fourth dimensional consciousness?

A: The third dimension is the human dimension, where you are in the human consciousness. There, you live under the law of the opposites—cause and effect. You are bound to the opposites: good and bad, happy and sad, etc. You are ruled by your emotions and operate from a limited consciousness.

Q: Is the Fourth Dimension beyond the opposites?

A: Yes. In the third dimension, you are karmically bound to the opposites. In the fourth dimension, you transcend the opposites and their limitations.

Action to Take:

Watch this video to support your movement into the Fourth-Dimensional Consciousness:





Lesson 2: Moving into Fourth Dimensional Consciousness

Q: What is the first step to move into the fourth dimension:

A: The first step is the desire to know the truth of your Being.

Q. How quickly can I get there?

A: This process is a journey. It is not an overnight experience, but one that comes about through persistence in taking the steps. It requires your will and your desire, your desire to know the truth of your being. When you bring your will and your desire, it allows you to remain committed to the journey. Moving from your human, third-dimensional self, into your spiritual, fourth-dimensional self is a long journey of detaching from the world you are used to, and learning about the next level of awakening to your Higher Self.

Q: How can I cooperate with this process?

A: In order to cooperate with the process, you need to move from your intellect, which is grounded in your limited third-dimensional self, to your intuition, which serves as a conduit of information from the higher spiritual vibration, your fourth-dimensional self.

Q. How might my life experience change if I move to the fourth dimension?

A: You master the art of turning off your mind. You identify with your unlimited self. You identify with your intuition. You can quiet your mind at will. You understand that happiness exists within you. You feel empowered. You are in control of your emotions. You live peacefully. You know how to forgive. You welcome change. You enjoy silence. You are unselfish and understand your responsibility to all humanity.

Action step:

For additional information about how to move from the third-dimensional consciousness to the fourth-dimensional consciousness, access Chapter 4: Moving from the Third into the Fourth Dimension in Spiritual Power Tools: Support for Your Soul.

Q: Why should I move out of the third dimension and into the fourth?

A: The third dimension is the world of the opposites and the law of karma rules your life. By moving into the fourth dimension, you are free from karma and the world of the opposites.

Q: Does my mind prevent me from moving into the Fourth Dimension?

A: Yes. The human mind is quite a merry-go-round, spinning you around and around and around! It keeps you busy in that mind, questioning, doubting, deciding, then doubting again! In order to move into the higher dimension of yourself–the fourth dimension–you have to learn to turn off the mind. It has to be corralled. A hard thing to do, but everyone has to master the mind eventually.

Action Step:

Meditation is the most important action you can take to change your consciousness and still your mind.





Lesson 3: Experiencing the Fourth Dimension

Q: How does being in the fourth dimension change my life?

A: As a person in the third dimension, you look at life through a tiny peephole in a fence, with a very narrow perspective. When you are in the fourth dimension you are entirely above the fence. You always have an unlimited view and can see in all directions. This higher vision provides knowledge that enables you to participate in the unfolding of your soul’s purpose.

Q: Is intuition part of the Fourth Dimension?

A: Yes. Developing your intuition is the next phase of your evolutionary process.

Q: Can my intellect understand the infinite fourth-dimensional consciousness?

A: No, your intellect cannot understand it because it is an experience. The intellect wants to understand itself in its limited ways. The limited cannot understand the Unlimited. It can only move into the Unlimited by experience in order to understand it.

Q: What happens as I move into the Fourth Dimension?

A: Moving into the fourth dimension is a gradual process that aligns you with your Whole Self. As this shift occurs in your consciousness, you begin to see, hear, and experience things differently. You will move out of the third dimension slowly but surely. Over time, you will become fully aware of your Infinite Self.

Q: Do I leave this planet and this form when I move into the Fourth Dimension?

A: It may surprise you to know that you can remain in a third-dimensional body on this planet, yet be fully operating from the fourth dimension, which is the realm of your Infinite Self.

Q: Can I move into the fourth-dimensional consciousness after I die, or do I have to do it here, in the third-dimensional world?

A: You must move into the fourth dimension while you are still on planet Earth. It is a movement in consciousness which opens the door to the truth of your Being.

Q: What is the advantage of Fourth-Dimensional vision?

A: It is like standing on a mountain and seeing in all directions at the same time.

Action step:

For more support on your journey, please watch the following video:





Lesson 4: Commitment to the Fourth Dimension

Q: Is it my responsibility to do this work of moving into the fourth dimension myself?

A: Yes. Each soul must take responsibility for their own awakening into the truth of their Being. It is a gradual movement in consciousness.

Q: How do my desires help me move into the Fourth Dimension?

A: You are beginning to realize that the energy of desire is very powerful and should be used wisely. If you replace third-dimensional desires with the single fourth-dimensional passion to know your soul, your one-pointed focus will assure your success. The power of that spiritual desire will rocket you ahead and ultimately free you from the third dimension and the law of karma.

Action step:

If you are prepared to make a commitment to the truth of your Being at this time, please sign below:



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