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Going Deeper: Meditation for Releasing the Year

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you get ready to celebrate the transition into 2017 this next week, remember to complete your Seven Step process for releasing the year, then finish with this meditation video. See your life in the new year as the evolutionary process...

Going Deeper: Releasing the Year: Good Times and Gratitude

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Now it is time to focus on the Good Times from your year, and all the situations from the year for which you feel grateful. Even if you didn't muster gratitude in the moment, perhaps some of those difficulties also made you stronger, brought...

Going Deeper: Releasing the Year: Forgiveness

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How is your process of releasing the year progressing? Did you have many Hopes and Dreams from this year? Do you find that you recall something to write down each time you journal? In this week's video, we address the major step in the Seven...

Jewel from Jane: Your Desires and Infinite Intelligence – Sunday Course

Exploration of the Spiritual Teachings: Jewels from Jane Elizabeth Your Desires and Infinite Intelligence Course Recording, Reflections, and Further Support Click here for the audio.  For You to Ponder on Your Spiritual Journey This Week: What three...

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¡Eche el ego y alinear con su Alma!

Como avanzamos conscientemente para evolucionar nuestras almas, hay veces que tenemos que trabajar contra de nuestras personalidades, y hacer cosas que realmente no tenemos mucho entusiasmo para hacerlos. Esta es la forma en que aprendemos a echar el ego y alinear con...

Abrace nuevas posibilidades con gozo y entusiasmo

Cómo avanzamos en un nuevo estado de ser, todo cambia. Miramos nuestras vidas en una manera diferente a través de una nueva lente; y sin temor, tenemos adaptar a las nuevas posibilidades que vienen. Acción para tomar: Abrace estas nuevas posibilidades con gozo y...

About Center for Enlightenment

Center for Enlightenment is a federally recognized, not-for-profit educational organization of 501(c)3 status celebrating over two decades of service to the public. We thank you for your support!

Center for Enlightenment educates humanity about conscious soul evolution and provides abundant free resources including videos, podcasts, weekly online courses, and other educational materials. Also available are webinars, classes and workshops around the world. Every individual is encouraged to connect with their own inner light and discover their unique purpose.

The Center’s mission is to share practical tools to increase individual awareness that: 

  • One life (God) pervades all forms of life.
  • God is: the energy, vibration and life of every soul.
  • Every soul is responsible for its evolution in consciousness.
  • Through understanding the law of rebirth, the law of karma and free will, the soul discovers its whole self.
  • Forgiveness sets the soul free from future karma.
  • When functioning at its fullest potential, the soul clearly and consciously manifests the life, vibration and energy of God and understands its oneness with all.

Learn more about the founder: Jane Elizabeth Hart.