Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Now it is time to focus on the Good Times from your year, and all the situations from the year for which you feel grateful.

Even if you didn’t muster gratitude in the moment, perhaps some of those difficulties also made you stronger, brought you new understandings, or redirected you in important ways.

A new year is always about change. How much change have you cooperated with throughout the year? There is always an opportunity to change your life, to change your consciousness. All those people and situations from your year were there to help you grow and change.

Continue working on previous steps as needed to clear yourself of thoughtforms from this year.

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the following questions:

Good Times:

1. How did this year bring new and joyful experiences to your life?

2. Write down specific times that you were especially happy. To jog your memory, look through photo albums, listen to special songs, etc.


3. What are you thankful for regarding this year?

4. What did the year give you?

5. How has this year been important in your life?

6. What inspired you from this lesson’s video?

You have my support as you prepare yourself for the new year!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth