Now imagine God as the internet. Through meditation, you have already installed the program that will allow you to connect with the “God internet.” Now you can “ download” all sorts of data that is valuable to your soul. Meditation prepares a channel for your brain to  receive the knowledge that is stored in the Universal Mind of God! Any piece of information you need is readily accessible from that direct line of communication. Your brain will be infused with creative new ideas. You will have far more options than were previously available to you before you “upgraded your computer.”

On the spiritual level, your “upgrade” allows you to move from the limited human world of the third dimension into the soul’s unlimited fourth dimensional realm. These dimensions will be further explained in the next chapter.

You can see why meditation is so important. It is the avenue to Universal Wisdom and the power that frees your soul!


You may feel a cool sensation on your forehead, as if you had menthol rub between your eyebrows.

You could experience a slight tension or pressure between your eyes.

You might feel as if a stream of energy is moving over your forehead.

The top of your head may heat up.

The top of your head could feel itchy.

You may see white or colored lights when your eyes are closed.

You may feel a bright light in your face, which is brighter than the actual light in the room.

You might feel as if you are expanded beyond your body, or above your body.

You may be unable to think in your normal way and your brain may seem blank. Later, you could be aware that information has been “downloaded,” and you have instantaneous and complete understanding of the information.

These possible experiences are all signs that your “spiritual wiring” is being “upgraded” and your new brain centers are being activated.

It is useful to know that intuitive energy vibrates at a higher rate than your intellectual mind. When you first contact your intuition, you might feel jittery, anxious or unsettled. This is completely normal. Soon your nervous system will adapt to this increased level of vibration, and you will access intuitive information with serenity and poise.

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Meditation prepares your consciousness to move beyond the third dimension of human comprehension, into the fourth dimension of spiritual knowledge. During your various incarnations, you have explored the third dimension and are quite familiar with it. You have realized you can create a desire, and then work to fulfill it. In this way, you’ve experimented with many facets of your human identity.

Eventually, you begin to understand that searching for happiness outside yourself brings difficulty. The bad always comes along with the good. You realize that you are limited by pairs of opposites. By their nature, opposites are bound together and can’t be separated. You are happy, and then you are sad. You feel safe, then anxious. You experience the glory of being alive, and then are painfully aware that one day your body will die. The opposites and the third dimension are under the Law of Reincarnation and Karma.

By now, you are at the point of soul evolution where you are tired of being batted back and forth by the opposites. In fact, you are losing interest in the third dimension and find it less compelling. You might even be bored and unfulfilled in a subtle, yet powerfully unsettling way. Your mind is wrestling to discover the true purpose of life.

These feelings are signs that you are ready to move ahead in consciousness. This is your soul’s way   of encouraging you to seek out the uncharted area of the fourth dimension and to live from the higher perspective it provides. Connecting with your soul is the only thing that will satisfy your indefinable yearning and fill the void within you.

Although you have longed for material possessions and yearned for certain types of experiences, your desires have also kept you chained to the third dimension, and to the Law of Reincarnation. The Universe wants to fulfill each of your third dimensional desires, yet this process has kept you going around in circles. Now you are beginning to realize that the energy of desire is very powerful and should be used wisely. If you replace third dimensional desires with the single fourth dimensional passion to know your soul, your one-pointed focus will assure your success. The power of that spiritual desire will rocket you ahead, and ultimately free you from the third dimension and the Law of Karma.

Moving into the fourth dimension is a gradual process that aligns you with your Whole Self. As this shift occurs in your consciousness, you begin to see, hear and experience things differently. You will move out of the third dimension slowly but surely. Over time, you will become fully aware of your God-Self.

In the third dimension, you are karmically bound to the opposites. In the fourth dimension, you transcend the opposites and their limitations.

To help you understand the difference between these two states of consciousness, here is a list of how your life will be improved when you live on the fourth dimension.

When you compare these two states of consciousness, you see the vast difference between them. As a person in the third dimension, you look at life through a tiny peep- hole in a fence, and you have a narrow perspective. When you are in the fourth dimension, you are entirely above the fence. You always have an unlimited view in all directions. This higher vision provides knowledge that enables you to participate in the unfolding of your soul’s purpose.


For additional support, refer to Spiritual Power Tool

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# 8: Observer Self (p. 80)


The Observer Self is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to grow spiritually. It is the spiritual “muscle” of your Higher Self and opens you up to seeing your behaviors, your thought forms, and your emotions. When you activate your Observer Self, it is your roadmap to spiritual freedom.

The Observer Self is part of you. It belongs to you and will help you to understand who you are, to evaluate what you are feeling, and how you behave or react in different situations. Think of your life as a play or a movie you are observing. You are both the actor and director. You are witnessing but are not emotionally attached to the play or its outcome. By doing this you can observe your personality in action. As you develop this skill, it becomes an important new tool to help you understand yourself and your soul.

The best way to develop this new skill is to commit to observing yourself every day. When you wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed, remind yourself, “I commit to observing myself today, please help me to see what I need to see.” Use an outer cue to remind yourself to be present with your thoughts: perhaps setting a timer to go off every hour, or every time the phone rings, or at each red light while you are driving–whatever helps with this practice.

Remember, there is no “good” or “bad.” It is simply there for you to see and acknowledge. You can then make a conscious effort to change behaviors or thoughts that do not work in the best interest of your soul. Throughout the day, you will experience these thought forms. Little by little, you will experience a change in your thoughts, reactions, and behaviors. It will become automatic for you to change your thinking or acknowledge a pattern that you want to investigate further through meditation or journaling.

As you witness yourself, you will learn to take charge of situations and experiences that once seemed to be out of your control and ruled by your emotions. You will begin to see that situation from your Higher Self and then give yourself time to respond differently. Over time, you will come to depend on your Observer Self and trust that you are responding appropriately in every situation or experience.

Once you observe yourself and see behaviors, actions, and emotions that you want to let go of, you begin the process of forgiveness. Forgiveness actually erases the karma you have accumulated over the course of your many lifetimes.  By the act of forgiveness (yourself and others), you can release the patterns that have kept you in bondage to your limited self.

The way to begin the process of forgiving is by journaling or utilizing a releasing technique such as the “Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions” (Spiritual Power Tool #4). You can see inside these old patterns and let them go. By discovering the relationship between the Observer Self, karma, and forgiveness, you will find the key to liberating your soul from limitations.

You will know that you are in your Observer Self when your emotions do not run you, you are not triggered into judgment, and you are compassionately detached from the situation or person. You will also see what is happening in your life from a higher vantage point so you can make wise decisions from your Higher Self, rather than the emotional, fear-based ego/personality self.

Be patient with yourself. The rewards are great! This process will take the time it takes. Remember, you are establishing a new pattern of observing yourself. This will take a commitment to do the work each day and become more vigilant. Spiritual mastery means learning how to be conscious of the emotion arising and to stay above its pull so that you can choose wisely and act clearly.

For additional support, refer to Spiritual Power Tool:

# 1:  Meditation (p. 49)

# 2:  Journaling (p. 50)

# 3:  Spiritual Thermometer (p. 53)

# 4:  Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions (p. 57)

# 5:  Guidance After Completing the Seven Steps (p. 70)

# 6:  Dissolving Your Emotional Pain (p. 74)

# 7:  Guidance (p. 77)

# 8:  Observer Self (p. 80)

The Spiritual Thermometer is the Power Tool that will help you control your thoughts and manage your emotions. You can only contact your intuition and your Higher Self when you are in a state of “Clear Thinking.” It is important to measure the quality of your thoughts before you make any life decisions.

You cannot think clearly when you are drowning in emotional drama. You also don’t want to pollute new opportunities with old issues. The Spiritual Thermometer will help diffuse subconscious energy so it won’t explode later and cause you future problems.

Your fears, doubts and anger arise for the purpose of being released from your consciousness. You must resolve your negativity so it does not interfere with your decision-making skills. Your “Clear Thinking” will give you the confidence to discern the best options.

On the Spiritual Thermometer “5” is the middle of the scale. It represents an average state of mind. When you sink “below the 5,” you get into your limited self. You are ensnared in negativity, emotional drama and chaotic thoughts. Do not take action when you are “below the 5!” No problems will be solved from that state of consciousness.

When you are in the midst of an issue, consider how you register on the Spiritual Thermometer. For instance, feeling slightly frazzled would be a “4,” but thinking your life is a living hell with no hope of change would definitely be a “1!” This recognition is a valuable step. Evaluate where you are at, and honor that level of emotion. By allowing your present emotional state to be OK, no matter how ravaged you feel, you are on your way to healing. In this way, the Spiritual Thermometer engages your mind just enough to take a step back and look at the situation with some degree of objectivity.

Every problem in life is here to support your soul’s evolution. Unless you have a challenge, you will never know your capabilities. Your problems are not awful. They are the most wonderful tools designed to push you forward! Make up your mind as to how long you will be negative about a situation. If you choose an hour, worry all you want for that 60 minutes, then let it go and be open for the solution and the spiritual lesson behind the difficulty. This is how you can work in the best interest of your soul.

It is critical to have an arsenal of positive thoughts so you are prepared for these challenging circumstances. Examples of affirmations could be, “I have the strength to overcome all obstacles,” or “My soul gives me the courage resolve this problem.” It is also helpful to cultivate spiritually supportive friendships with those who will encourage you to lift your thinking “above the 5.”

Daily meditation is necessary in order to tap into those higher states of consciousness at levels 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. You will gradually find yourself calmer in the face of difficulties, and more capable of discerning the actions that support your soul’s evolution.

If you remain stuck in an emotional quagmire and cannot get “above the 5,” it is time to use your next Power Tool – the Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions.


You are consciously assisting in the evolution of your soul when you become the Active Observer of yourself.  But you cannot change anything until you identify what needs to be changed.  The Observer Self is the guardian and support system that watches over the personality self and helps to release that which is not working for you.  By taking responsibility for that aspect of yourself, you are able to take huge spiritual steps forward on your journey of self-discovery.

Developing your Observer Self focuses your consciousness in the Now moment, removing you from your present physical and mental activity.  You assess exactly where your thinking is and take stock of what you see.  You look for deeper meaning behind your current activities.

Ask yourself these three questions and journal your answers:

  1. What am I thinking?
  2. Why am I thinking it?
  3. Why am I judging things?

Prescription For Spiritual Alignment

I am aligned with the Presence of God within.

I am protected by God’s Love, Wisdom, Knowledge and Grace.

The God Consciousness within helps me discover more about who I am.

Thank You, God, for the gift of Spiritual Intuition.

Thank You, God, for aligning my conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds.