Welcome to the Self Study Lesson on Detachment. There are several lessons on this topic below. Take as long as you want on each lesson, focusing on the action step at the end. Then, go to the next lesson.


Lesson 1: What is Detachment?

Q: What is detachment?

A: Detachment is a process. You do the very best you can do and then you release it. You let go of the outcome. As long as you’re attached to an outcome or result, you are entangled in your own limited idea of good.

Q: How can I detach myself?

A: One way to detach is to observe yourself. By becoming an active observer, or a witness, of physical and mental happenings, you develop utter detachment. This lifts you out of your judgment of self and others. You rise above the events that are happening. Through this exercise of self-examination, you gain a greater understanding of yourself. The only way you can become detached from situations is by observing how attached you are to them.

Q: What benefits derive from practicing detachment?

A: Practicing detachment and observation will help you to identify old patterns.

Q: How is detachment linked with emotions?

A: Learning to be in charge of your emotions–instead of letting your emotions be in charge of you–is the first step in mastering detachment.

Action Step: Watch this short video, “Thank you God” An Affirmation for Soul Movement.

Giving thanks is a great opportunity to practice detachment and observation because that energy and vibration helps you identify old patterns and erase them from your consciousness.

Lesson 2: Detachment from Outcomes

Q: Why do attachments cause disappointments?

A: As long as you are attached to material things, such as the perfect relationship, the perfect child, or the perfect job, you are always going to experience disappointment because you are attached to the outcome.

Q: How can I detach from outcomes?

A: When you take action, let go of the outcome. Remove your ego from the results. None of your efforts are in vain. They are all part of the process. When you are seeking anything, be it a job, a car, a relationship, don’t get hung up on the possible outcome. Don’t dwell on feelings of guilt or failure. Let go and accept the results, whatever they may be.

Q: How does detachment help me to stay in the now moment?

A: When you detach, you enjoy the moment that you are in, but you’re not attached to the outcome of that moment. You are in that moment.

Action Step:

Now that you have connected with your Observer Self and have practiced watching yourself in action, you are developing detachment. This brings freedom from worries and suffering. When you are attached to your outcomes, you are invested in them and if they don’t materialize, you are very disappointed.

Continue to observe yourself with detachment.


Lesson 3: Detaching from Drama and Expectations

Q: What is the link between detachment and expectation?

A: As long as you are attached to an outcome, you are going to be disappointed. You must detach from the good opposites as well as the bad. It’s easy for us to detach from the bad but we really enjoy the good. Both good and bad must be overcome.

Q: Does detaching mean that I stop caring about everything?

A: Detachment has nothing to do with caring. It’s about letting go of your expectations. You are not attached to the outcome. Being detached doesn’t mean being apathetic about people and situations. Quite to the contrary, you can love more, since you are not limited by your expectations about how people and events must be.

Q: My ego likes being attached to drama. How can I let it go?

A: To detach yourself from outer situations and drama, the ego must be observed. This doesn’t mean that you are aloof from life! It means that your focus is on the bigger picture, supporting yourself and your family, friends, and coworkers.

Q: How can I detach from my ego in order to move beyond my limited self?

A: Your ego keeps you attached to the desires of your limited self. The only way to move beyond the actions and behaviors of your ego is to detach from them.

Action Step:

As we move forward on this spiritual adventure, we are beginning to understand the value of being the Observer Self and why detachment is so important. By now you have begun to notice how emotions play such an important role in your life and color your decision-making process. Emotions have great power and we swing back and forth and feel out of control. If we watch this yo-yo effect, we can stop the yo-yos before they get out of control. By taking this action, you will be regaining your power.

Continue to observe yourself with detachment. Meditation and Journaling are your tools for freedom.

Watch the following video to support you in detaching from outcomes:

Congratulations! You are ready to move on to the next topic. Remember that I am here to support you.
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