God Consciousness

Welcome to the Self Study Lesson on God Consciousness. There are several lessons on this topic below. Take as long as you want on each lesson, focusing on the action step at the end.  Then, go to the next lesson.


Lesson 1: What is God Consciousness?

Q: What is God Consciousness?

A: God-Consciousness is a state of awareness. It is an ever-evolving process. You cannot just read it in a book. You must experience it.

Q: How do I set myself on a path to experience God Consciousness?

A: You must make a clear and firm decision and communicate a desire to experience God consciousness and give up your own prior expectations of what that experience will be like.  You must have a strong push and drive, with your will behind it.  You must have courage and dedication, and the fortitude to stay with the process, as more and more is revealed to you.

Q:  Is there only one path to God Consciousness?

A:  There are many paths that lead to God Consciousness. You will find the Truth of your Being through a consistent practice of meditation.

Action Step:

Welcome every situation or problem that comes your way with, “Thank you for this opportunity to learn and grow into God Consciousness.



Lesson 2: Moving into God Consciousness

Q: How do I develop my God Consciousness?

A: Meditation is the most important action you can take to change your consciousness.  It is important because it is the process that unveils your true Self and connects it with your God Consciousness.

Q: How do I begin the process of becoming God Conscious?

A: All of this starts from the desire to know the Truth of your Being.

Q: How does patience support my journey into God Consciousness?

A: Patience is an especially important part of this process. God Consciousness comes in small increments. After every step you take, there will be another step to take, because this is all an evolution of consciousness. Do not expect to be enlightened all at once.

Action to take:

“The Prescription for Spiritual Alignment” below is a great tool for daily centering.

“I am aligned with the Presence of God within.

I am protected by God’s Love, Wisdom, Knowledge and Grace.

The God-Consciousness within helps me discover more about who I am.

Thank You, God, for the gift of spiritual intuition.

Thank You, God, for aligning my conscious, subconscious, and superconscious mind.”




Lesson 3: God Consciousness is the Truth of your Being

Q: How will God Consciousness change me?

A: We do not lose our self, we find our real Self. We will expand our consciousness and become more real, more complete. Due to this process, we will align with the Truth of our Being.

Q: What will happen to my life if I take the next step into God Consciousness?

A: People ask that question all the time! “What’s going to happen if I take this step?” Your life may not change at all on the outside, but you will see it in a whole new light, with better understanding of how to manage all that you manage right now.

Or maybe you will have to do something or change in some way that you didn’t think you’d have to do. Whatever it is for you, your steps will be made from solid gold and you will have everything you need to support you every moment of your journey.

Action Step:

Watch this video in support of your process:


Q: What is it like once we get to God Consciousness?

A: When we get to that Infinite Consciousness, we are moving in perfect harmony with the Universe. Everything is flowing and we are at peace. If we are called upon to do something, we know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, without thought. Without planning. It just simply is.

Q: What are the results of living in God Consciousness?

A: God Consciousness is the Truth of your Being. And as a result of living in the Truth of your Being, you will experience unshakable peace of mind.

Q: As we grow into God Consciousness, do we lose who we are?

A: No. As we cooperate with our journey and we accept whatever is put in front of us to grow from, we will align with our whole Self–our real Self–that Infinite Intelligence part of us.

Q: Why is the journey so slow, and why do our healing and awakening happen so gradually?

A:  The gradual process is necessary. You can only take in the Truth of your Being (God Consciousness) one step at a time! Like a blind person who has been blind their whole life and suddenly regains their sight, seeing all the light at once requires you to refocus – to learn and experience one thing in the room at a time.

Q: Can I do all this work while leading a ‘normal’ life?

A: Yes. You are NEVER too busy to know the Truth of your Being!  That is the most important thing that you must do: know the Truth of your Being.

Action to take:

Watch the following video and let it support your journey. Journal the new understandings you receive as you listen to this information. What new concepts do you hear? What excites you to learn more? What else stands out for you in the video?



Congratulations! You have completed one round of Center for Enlightenment’s Self Study Lessons! Remember that I am here to support you. janehart@cfenlightenment.org.

I invite you to revisit the process of the Self Study Lessons time and time again to help assimilate the information, tools, and practices provided. You will learn something new each time because you are always changing and growing in understanding!