Welcome to the Self Study Lesson on Consciousness. There are several lessons on this topic below. Take as long as you want on each lesson, focusing on the action step at the end.  Then, go to the next lesson.



Lesson 1: What Is Consciousness?


Q: What is consciousness?

A: Consciousness is your Awareness of your own state of being. It is the Self-Awareness of your own existence, thoughts, and experiences. Consciousness is that part of you that is actively aware of yourself in a given moment. It is that within you that is growing and awakening into Infinite Beingness. You are always passing from one state of consciousness into another.

Q: What am I?

A: You are consciousness. You are not your form or your personality. You have evolved in consciousness for eons and are now asking the question, “What am I?”

You are moving into a new Awareness of who you are and are now ready to actively take part in the expansion of your consciousness.

Q: What does it mean to be conscious?

A: You are a being. You are a being that is conscious. I’m going to repeat that: You are a being, a BEING that is conscious. You have moved from the many stages of consciousness that you have had to the point now where you are more interested in understanding your journey of Awareness. All this time that you have been evolving, growing, and changing, and you have gained more and more conscious awareness. It is part of who you are.

Q: What do you mean that I am a consciousness?

A: Ask yourself: “Who Am I? Who is sitting here thinking? I will agree that I’m a consciousness because what else am I? I’m a consciousness sitting in this body. I am moving my hands and knees – but what or who is moving them? Who is telling me to move them?” Your consciousness.

Q: How is consciousness a part of the spiritual journey?

A: You are on a journey from human finite consciousness into Infinite consciousness. There are many aspects to this awakening, and you won’t get it all done in one lifetime; but you are on your way to discover your true Self, learning one step at a time.

Action step:

Journal your responses to these questions:

1. What are you aware of right now?

2. What are you ready to do to actively take part in the expansion of your consciousness?



Lesson 2: Conscious Evolution


Q: How does my consciousness evolve?

A: Though your form evolved through various incarnations from amoebas to minerals, plants, animals, and humans, evolution is really the story of the evolution of your consciousness and not your form.

Q: What is conscious soul evolution?

A: Conscious soul evolution is the process of becoming conscious of your whole Self and awakening to the reality that you are a Soul — not a limited personality ego.

Evolving in consciousness means actively participating and cooperating with the awakening process in your own life to work in the best interest of your Soul.

Action step:

Almost everyone is interested in discovering and experiencing their fullest potential — but how? Desire to know, be willing to change, and take responsibility for your spiritual growth.



Lesson 3: Expansion of Consciousness


Q. Why is it so important for me to use my free will to back my growth in consciousness?

A. You have been given free will to choose how you live your life. Observe your everyday activities and make wise choices for your soul’s advancement in consciousness–because you know consciousness is really all there is.

Action step:

Through daily meditation, observation, and journaling you are able to become more consciously aware.


Congratulations! You are ready to move on to the next topic. Remember that I am here to support you.
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