Introduction to the Subconscious

Welcome to the Self-Study Lesson on the Subconscious. There are several lessons on this topic below. Take as long as you want on each lesson, focusing on the action step at the end. Then, go to the next lesson.

Lesson 1: What Is the Subconscious Mind?

Q: What is my mind made up of?

A: Your mind is 1/10 conscious, and 9/10 is submerged in the subconscious. Remember, the conscious is aware, and the subconscious holds material of which you are unaware. Your mind is like an iceberg. There’s only a little bit above the surface–just 1/10. 9/10 is hidden. However, there are times when little chunks of your subconscious come up and surface in the conscious mind.

Q: What is in my subconscious mind?

A: Your subconscious contains the entire history of your soul’s evolution. All of your past lives, as well as the experiences and talents that you have developed in previous incarnations, are stored in the subconscious mind. It stores all the decisions you’ve made, all the desires you’ve ached for, and all the resentments you’ve held. It also contains the driving force behind your spirituality — your powerful desire to be fully aware of your God-Self!

Q: How are my conscious and subconscious aspects of mind connected?

A: These two levels of consciousness are separated by a veil. Subconscious emotional reactions that are rooted in past lives can surface and pass through the veil. They impact your present circumstances by causing you to think and behave in baffling ways.

Q: How can I visualize my subconscious?

A: Imagine an iceberg. A small fragment is visible above the water. The vast majority, however, lies underneath the surface, hidden from view. This concealed section is very treacherous! Your soul is very similar to an iceberg. You are only consciously aware of a small portion of your entire self. Your thoughts and behaviors are mainly dominated by memories from the past which are entrenched in your subconscious.

Action to Take:

Watch the following video, then journal your responses to the question below:

Have you ever felt an unsupportable, irrational dislike for another person, or had them do that to you? What happened?

What are some of the most notable talents and abilities that you brought into this particular lifetime? How have they impacted you, this time around?


Lesson 2: Ideas for Accessing My Subconscious Mind

Q: What do I need to do before I can start to see what is in my subconscious mind?

A: Before you will be ready to see what is in your subconscious, you will need to have your Observer Self well-developed and matured. A strong observer keeps you detached from information or feelings that may arise from your subconscious.

Action to take:

Continue your daily meditation, your observation of self, your commitment to your spiritual journey, and your desire to continue to move forward and discover the truth of yourself. You will, slowly but surely, begin to see what is stored in your subconscious.

Watch the following video to support you on this Lesson:



Lesson 3: Healing the Subconscious

Q: How do I heal my subconscious issues?

A: Healing consists of forgiveness and release.

Action to Take:

Watch the following video, then journal your responses to the questions below:

1) How are you viewing your life differently now that you better understand the powerful influence of your subconscious mind?

2) How is journaling helping you uncover information from your subconscious mind?

3) Is there a current situation or relationship that you are using to practice these tools? What insights into that relationship have you gained?

4) When has forgiveness helped free you in a relationship? What result eventually came from your willingness to forgive?

5) What do you do when it’s hard for you to forgive?

6) How does your Observer Self help you uncover subconscious pieces of information? How does it help you to forgive?


Congratulations! You are ready to move on to the next topic. Remember that I am here to support you.

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