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Lesson 1: What is the Soul?


Q: What is the soul?

A: The soul is a fragment of God. Through your soul, you are linked with God. In fact, every living thing has a soul, and in that way, you are connected with all forms of life. Your soul unites you with God, and with all beings on the planet.

The soul is a link between God and your physical form. It can also be described as an individual portion of the mind of God. It is your True Self, and your true essence is not contained within your physical body, your emotional body or your mind.

Q: What is my true identity?

A: Your soul is your true identity. You may think that your ego or personality self is your true identity, but that is so far from the truth. The truth is that you have always been a soul evolving.

Q: Where is my soul?

A: Your soul dwells in the fourth-dimensional God-Consciousness. Your soul, which is the God part of you, has always been with you and will always be with you! It wants to help you! You are being supported by the Universal Consciousness and by the Infinite Consciousness of God. You are an individual expression of that Infinite Consciousness of God.

It’s so easy to get stuck in your personality self (also called your ego). As soon as you can move out of ego, you can move into soul awareness. The soul is conscious of the presence of God within it. Soul awareness will bring you into true harmony with yourself for the very first time. You will feel like you’ve come alive!

Q: What is the best way to distinguish between the soul and the personality?

A: The first thing you have to do is learn to discriminate between your soul’s vibration and your personality’s vibration. Meditation keeps the channel of communication open between the Soul and brain, via the mind. As you meditate, you learn to differentiate between the vibrations.

Action Step to Take: Watch the following supportive video:



Lesson 2: Soul Evolution


Q: What does it mean that my soul is evolving?

A: When you were created as a soul, you had the DNA of God in you. Then you came down to the planet and evolved through many stages. That is your evolving soul.

Q: Does every soul evolve?

A: Everyone has a soul that is evolving. Some souls are evolving very quickly and others more slowly, but all souls are moving ahead! Each of us is waking up to the fact that we are part of God and have always been a part of God.

Q: Why is it important to know the history of my soul?

A: Knowing your soul’s history, what has propelled you from one life to the next, helps you grasp the whole being that you are.

Your soul evolves as it wakes up to itself. God breathed consciousness into you and you have taken on thousands of consciousnesses that gather impressions until you become the human being form. You are a finite personality trying to grow into the infinite consciousness that you are capable of becoming.

Q: How can I help my soul take charge over my personality?

A: Your personality is a shell that covers up your soul essence, the center for enlightenment that is within you, which now takes second place to your personality. But there comes a time in your evolution when you begin to put your personality aside and let the soul become its master. How can you support your soul as it begins to take precedence over your personality? By going within and quieting your mind.


Action Step to Take: Think about what you are truly interested in, what is it that you question, how are you going to get answers to your problems? Then, watch the following video:



Lesson 3: The Soul Seeks To Know Its Truth


Q: Why must my soul reincarnate?

A: Your soul has been on a challenging pursuit that has brought you to this point in your spiritual growth. The process that propels your soul forward in its evolution is called the Law of Rebirth, or reincarnation. It provides the opportunity for your consciousness to explore and experience the vast arena of life. Through reincarnation, your soul ultimately arrives at the complete and conscious revelation that it is one with God. As your spiritual consciousness develops, you become more aware of your soul. Each incarnation increases your ability to know your True Self that exists in God.

Q: Is my soul fully conscious of itself in God?

A: Although the Soul is a part of God, it is not yet consciously aware of that amazing fact! You need many incarnations and a variety of opportunities to come to the full awareness that you are a God-Being. One lifetime isn’t enough to accomplish this goal. Through reincarnation, your soul ultimately arrives at the complete and conscious revelation that it is one with God.

Q: What can I do to increase this awareness?

A: Every day, seek to merge your consciousness with the awareness of your soul. Meditation is a powerful tool to connect you to your soul. Life will start to feel more fulfilling. You will know on a deep level that you are expressing your divine purpose. As you awaken, you will be more eager to develop even greater aspects of yourself.

Action Step to Take: Watch the following video and meditate upon the message:




Lesson 4: Soul Alignment


Q: Why does my soul seem to change so slowly?

A: Because you have been around for so many eons of time, you have so much baggage that needs to be reduced and let go.

Q: What must I do to align with my soul?

A: Every day, seek to merge your consciousness with the awareness of your soul. Life will start to feel more fulfilling. You will know on a deep level that you are expressing your divine purpose. As you awaken, you will be more eager to develop even greater aspects of yourself. First, however, your limited ego must be subdued in order to unify, blend and align the soul with its unlimited individual God-Self.

Q: What can I do to generate the desire to move my soul forward in its evolution?

A: I want you to say “I am more! I am more than this body that is sitting here. I want to find out more about who I am! That’s the most important thing that I can do!” And if that is your desire, I am here to support you 100%.

Q: How can I learn from my soul?

A: Every day holds opportunities to learn about yourself and uncover new spiritual understandings. Watch for those magnified instances in thought or situations that seem to stay on your mind–they are trying to show you what to discover or to release within you! Ask each day, “What is my soul trying to teach me today?” and be on the lookout for those people or situations that are mirroring something for you. Journal about the situation to glean the message that is trying to emerge.

Action Step to Take: Journal about what you are learning from your soul and the message it is giving you daily.




Lesson 5: Commitment to Your Soul


Q: How can my soul help me navigate difficult situations?

A: You are never put into circumstances that are insurmountable. Your soul is completely attuned and capable of taking the challenge on. Situations are in your life to help you to evolve into a higher state of awareness.

Welcome every situation or problem that comes your way with, “Thank you for this opportunity to learn and grow into God-consciousness.”

Q: How can connecting with my soul expand my consciousness?

A: The soul can also be described as an individual portion of the mind of God. When you develop a line of communication with your soul, your ideas expand and your awareness of all things increases. All solutions to every problem become available to you.

Q: How does my soul support me in moving forward?

A: Your soul always works in the best interest of your life plan, so your ultimate happiness is always its first priority. It will, however, always push you a little further than you think you can go. Yet when you take those steps, you’ll find you’ve broken through a limitation that has been holding you back all your life. As soon as you get comfortable with this new expression of yourself, you’ll be urged to move forward again. This is why you must let go of your fears, because your fears will never let you take the steps you need to take in your spiritual growth. Your soul knows what pushes your buttons, what keeps you stuck and what you need to do next in order to be free. It is a great support system.

Q: How can I make a commitment to my soul?

A: The moment in time comes when you say “There has to be a ‘more’. There has to be something else to this.” When I felt that way, I knew I had to make a commitment to myself. I had to say, “I want to open the door to higher consciousness.”

Action Step to Take: Watch the following video and take responsibility for your soul’s evolution:




Lesson 6: Soul Freedom


Q: What difference can my soul make in the world?

A: Your soul’s evolution is very important to this planet. If we all take responsibility for our souls’ evolution, we are going to change the world. With that in mind, you need to work in the best interest of the life plan that you’ve created for this lifetime.

Q: What is the destiny of my soul?

A: You are going to walk out of the third-dimensional world into the fourth-dimensional consciousness. It is a journey of conscious awareness.

Q: What is the ultimate desire of my soul?

A: The one true desire of your heart is to know yourself as an Infinite Being. And that desire of your soul keeps working to awaken you to itself–to move you out of your limited beliefs, and open you wide to the expanding possibilities that the Universe has waiting for you!

Q: Will my soul ever find freedom?

A: I just want you to be aware that where you are right now and what you’re doing right now is of the utmost importance to your soul because you are going to never have to deal with the things you’re having to deal with now. You are going to get free of all of it. And I will tell you when I was working through this stuff, I thought I was never ever, ever, ever going to have another clean breath in my life. But things changed and revelations happened. New understandings happened. I became a new person, a new consciousness if you will. And what you’re doing is creating a new consciousness for yourself.

Action Step to Take: Note the journey of the soul and where it is heading as described in the following video:



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