Welcome to the Self Study Lesson on Commitment. There are several lessons on this topic below. Take as long as you want on each lesson, focusing on the action step at the end.  Then, go to the next lesson.




Q: What is a commitment?

A: According to the dictionary, commitment is an agreement or pledge to do something in the future. Commitment backs up the desire of your heart. It is that willingness to stick with the process of spiritual growth when your desire for it gets challenged, as it inevitably will. Commitment is that tenacity of spirit that supports your Soul’s desire and sees you through to your goal.

Q: What happens when I make that commitment?

A: The moment you commit to becoming enlightened, you make a powerful request that will resonate throughout the universe. You are making a profound decision that will re-prioritize and restructure everything in your world.

Q. What are the benefits of making a commitment?

A: Commitment empowers you, keeps you focused, and moves you forward.

Action to take:

When thoughts and feelings arise within you that are the opposite of what you are trying to achieve, observe them, and imagine them as dust blowing off of your feet, clearing your way to move forward.




Q: Do I need to make a commitment in order to grow spiritually?

A: Remember that without a strong commitment nothing can be accomplished. Your personal determination is the driving force that propels you forward toward your spiritual goal.

Q: How does commitment help my spiritual journey?

A: That inward journey has many steps to it, and it takes time. Once you make that commitment to know the Truth about you, your life changes to support you to reach your goal in the best way possible.

After you pay attention to your deep desire for more than this third dimensional world, commitment is the next key to taking responsibility for your soul.

Action Step:

Watch the video on desire and commitment, then journal your responses to the questions below.

1) Are you ready to make this commitment to your Higher Self?
2) Now that you know that you are looking at your commitment issues, what are you starting to see as you observe yourself?
3) What are some of the lesser commitments that you have made that you need to let go of in order to make progress on your spiritual journey?
4) What are some of the ways (pastimes, habits, escapes) that you use to try to avoid your commitment?




Q: What can I do when I feel my commitment is wavering?

A. Recommit as many times as you need to. Give yourself affirming and encouraging statements to help yourself keep going. You are supported on this journey, even when you think you are left all alone. Ask for that wise and courageous part of you to come forth and help you.

Q: Why do I experience such strong resistance to commitment?

A: Whenever you make a commitment to change, your old habits surface in your awareness in order that they may be overcome. This activity shakes out the unusable thoughts and patterns that are not supporting you.

Q: How important is commitment to the spiritual journey?

A: Without a strong commitment, nothing can be accomplished.

Action Step:

Check in with yourself and where you are today. How would you evaluate your commitment and desire for your inward journey? Keep track of your progress in your journal.

Are you ready to commit to the Truth of Your Being? If so, please sign this commitment and email it to Center for Enlightenment at


I am ready to take complete responsibility for my spiritual growth.

(Your name)

You may submit your commitment to, and we will hold you in prayer and light as you take responsibility for your spiritual growth.

Congratulations! You are ready to move on to the next topic. Remember that I am here to support you.
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