Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How is your process of releasing the year progressing? Did you have many Hopes and Dreams from this year? Do you find that you recall something to write down each time you journal?

In this week’s video, we address the major step in the Seven Step process: Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the way to free yourself from past hurts and from your own perceived mistakes. It erases the karma that anger and resentment pulls to you. It frees you from the false belief that you are never good enough, and opens you to a greater connection with your Higher Self.

When you don’t forgive, you are binding yourself to those false beliefs, those difficult others, or those situations that were difficult and disappointing. This is your opportunity to release those old, sticky thoughtforms so that you can move into the new year with a clear slate.

The new year will bring new opportunities for you to grow. Letting go of the old through your forgiveness work will take off your plate the replaying of difficult people and situations in your life (or future life!). Forgiveness is a powerful energy you can wield to change your future for the better!

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the following questions:

1. What was the hardest thing to forgive about the year?

2. What is causing you not to forgive?

3. What would happen for you in the new year if you don’t forgive?

4. What will happen in the new year if you do forgive?

5. What else from the video resonated with you and is helping you with your forgiveness step?

I am holding you with love and energy as you take this powerful step. Let your heart guide you and open you to the new possibilities for your soul’s evolution!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth