“When inner vision has been attained through the practice of meditation, light streams forth and revitalization takes place. At first it is a flash of wondrous information and instinctive realization and then, as progress is being made, it develops into understanding and usually produces action.”

                                                                                                                ~Jane Elizabeth

My daily meditation practice causes me to look within and see how I am functioning. In a manner of speaking, it is like being “behind the scenes” of who I am, and seeing what makes me act as I do. Before I was meditating, I felt like a victim of my own circumstances. It was like I was living my life as an actress in a play, but I didn’t know the script. I didn’t know what to say, why others were responding to me as they were, or when the scenes were going to change. Things seemed sort of random.
But meditation has helped me see into my own “backstage” mechanisms. I can see into my subconscious and understand what triggers me to say certain things, feel certain emotions or take certain actions. I have more choices now because I am observing life from a higher vantage point. I’m no longer acting in a random fashion. I no longer feel clueless, like someone shoved me on stage mid-scene in front of an audience without knowledge of the script.
When things go well in my world, it’s not just good luck; it is me working in cooperation with my soul’s plan. If things go not so well, I can seek answers within in order to shorten the karmic situation, and find out ways to resolve the karma so I don’t repeat the same troubles. I feel empowered by releasing the victim role. Daily meditation has helped me take responsibility for all of my life – the good and the bad!
Light and love,

Aluna Michaels
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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