“How did this year bring new and joyful experiences into your life? By letting go of the past, we make room for a vibrant new year.
Journaling Questions for Step Two: Good Times
  • How did this year bring new and joyful experiences to your life?
  • Write down specific times that you were especially happy.
  • To jog your memory, look through photo albums, listen to special songs, etc.”
                                                    ~Jane Elizabeth 
     Releasing the good times we have had this year opens us up to new good times for 2012! Our release work helps us learn to embrace the moment, experience it and move forward! Journaling our good times allows us to be grateful for what has been, and to be present for what is and is to come!
     Imagine someone who met a beautiful new friend in 2011. Thinking about the good times they had together brings her such joy! Yet, if she continues to revisit those good times in her memory, how will she be open to new good times in the present or future? The joy will always be there, but if her focus remains in her memory, her gaze might just miss new opportunities for new joyful connections–with her friend or in any situation!
     This week, let’s journal our good times from 2011, using Jane Elizabeth’s questions above, cherishing each moment and its meaning for us. Releasing releasing these times in love opens our eyes, arms and hearts to new joy in 2012!
With love and joy,
Lynn Barrette
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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