“By learning to work with the Law of Karma (cause and effect), we begin to understand that we are evolving souls. Through love and forgiveness, we free ourselves from future incarnations.

Action to take:
If there is a “soul” in your life that you have issues with, forgive them. That is the way to freedom from the Karmic Law.”

                                                  ~Jane Elizabeth

STEP 5: Forgiveness

All previous steps you’ve taken in the Seven Step process have helped prepare for the work of Step 5: Forgiveness. This is an important step, maybe even the most important, because without doing the forgiveness work, change is not possible.

I find that one of the hardest things about working through forgiveness is allowing ourselves to heal. Healing requires confronting our inner shadow — naming it, knowing it, accepting it and unconditionally understanding it so we can forgive it. Forgiveness sets you free. Free from the burden of anger, resentment, dissapoinments and challenges that may have occurred this past year.

Processing difficult life circumstances is never an easy task and it takes a lot of courage. For myself, 2011 has been probably one of the very most difficult years of my life in every way.  Yet I am committed to transmuting all that energy through forgiveness because I know that this is the best thing I can do for myself and all others.

When I work through the steps of Forgiveness and get to a place of resistance, I ask myself the following:  Do I want to add unto the store of misunderstandings and negativity in the world? Or, do I want to add unto the store of unconditional love which is what allows new hope and new possibility? When I see it that way, and become aware that what I am putting out impacts not only myself, but all others, I choose to forgive.

The whole universe champions us and blesses us every time we forgive and let go. So we are not alone in our efforts. We are all in it doing this work together.

Some questions to ask that may help with journaling the process:

1. What’s the hardest thing to forgive?
2. What about it do you resist letting go of?  
3. If you do not forgive, how does that impact your future
    possibility?  (This is an important question to sit with!)

With Love,

Aimee Bova
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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