Now you are ready for the final step, Completion.
Go to a special place to meditate. Still your mind and visualize the seven steps. See yourself on each step and as you do, go through a release process in your mind. End by saying this powerful prayer, “I am grateful for all the lessons and growth that has come in 2011 and I am ready to embrace 2012 with joy in my heart.”
It is time to celebrate the New Year. Congratulations, you have changed your consciousness and I know 2012 will bring new possibilities in your life.
                                                  ~Jane Elizabeth
STEP 7: Completion
When arriving at this last step of Completion, one might experience a sense of anticipation or wonder about what’s going to happen next. Did I really make a difference through this effort?
If you happen to be having any doubt about the power of changing your life through this process — don’t! Every effort you have made through the Seven Steps was an act of commitment in cooperation with your Soul. When you empower your Soul, real change can happen. Let go of any doubts or questioning about whether or not you did it “right.” Guess what? You are a force for change! You have been willing to forgive, release, let go, whatever it takes.
That’s working in your Soul’s best interest, and that is what the Seven Step process is all about. 
This last step of Completion is a time to honor that effort. Don’t look back. You ARE ready to move forward. Celebrate and rejoice! 
Some questions to help you journal this last step of the process:
1. How do you see yourself and your circumstances differently in light of new understandings that emerged through this process? 
2. List four ways you can continue to support being open to your new possibilities moving forward into the New Year.
3. Take one action that signifies closure of the old, and completion of this process. It can be a prayer, lighting a candle, a moment of thanksgiving–something to honor your new possibility for the New Year that is memorable for you.
With Love,
Aimee Bova
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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